T.H.E. Show Newport 2016: Affordable Headphones from 1More

Here's a brave adventure: Bring an entire line of headphones retailing below $100 each to a high-end audio show. 1More is a San Diego based company specializing in affordable headphones. I've measured some of their previous IEM models and they were pretty good at the price points. But the line is largely refreshed and after a listen at T.H.E. Show I'm convinced another round of listening and measurement is in order.

New to the line-up is the MK-801 over-ear headphones at $79.99, soon to be followed by a wireless version, called the MK-802, that is expected to retail for under $120. The MK-801 seemed surprisingly well built with a sturdy metal headband and ample ear cushioning.

I'll publish measurements in the not-too-distant future, and hope it will reveal a solid offering at affordable prices. Alex Silverman gives you the run-down on the whole line in the video.

View on YouTube here.

Impulse's picture

Those first two IEM models, possibly the others too, are pretty much identical to Xiaomi's (down to the plastic jewel box)... He even calls then by the same model names that Xiaomi does! (like the Piston, which is on your WoF IIRC)

Obviously multiple companies sourcing pre-designed models from the same OEM is nothing new, but it's still curious.

Thorsten Mühler's picture

I took one look at the YouTube video's banner image and said, "Yep, another Xiaomi Piston lookalike/clone."

aopu.mohsin's picture

Xiaomi Pistons are made by 1More Design. You can even find it in the Piston Headphone box.