T.H.E. Show Newport 2016 Highlight: NFS Audio Inc. Corp. LLC Esq.

Here's a door; I wonder what's in there. I open it...

...I'm falling...tumbling in a swirl of cosmic stuffness...which way is up?

Rusty Trombone (Anton) floats into view.

"Hi Tyll!"

"Where the hell am I?"

"NFS Audio, dude. Would you like a libation?"

I, of course, accepted. A Makers...just enough to float a single ice cube. The perfect thing to ground oneself after floating into the alternative universe of NFS Audio.

NFS Audio stands for "Nothing For Sale", and they've been selling absolutely nothing at T.H.E. Show for ten years running, first in Las Vegas and now in Newport. These guys clearly hold the record on the low end for corporate return on investment for your marketing trade show budget. Well...unless you ask their wives, who benefitted from a peaceful annual weekend sans hubbies.

The existence of this display is yet another feather in Richard Beers hat. That guy just got it. I'll not spoil the story and will let Anton explain how Richard found himself with exhibitors of this ilk. A must visit display at T.H.E. Show Newport!

View on YouTube Here.