Skullcandy Mix Master

Skullcandy Mix Master ($299)
Mix Master Mike is a west coast turntablist known primarily for his work with the Beastie Boys and winning the DMC World DJ Championships for three years consecutively. This type of music really isn't my cup of tea, but I do think the Beastie Boys are really good at what they do. Skullcandy's Mix Master headphone is a quite similar thing: not my cup of tea, but a really good headphone nonetheless.

The Mix Master is a full-size, around-the-ear, sealed headphone, and has a number of what I thought were pretty cool DJ features. The front of the right earpiece has a mute push button --- push to mute, push again to resume playing. Two cables are included. A 4.5 foot straight cable for use with smartphones with thin 1/8" mini-plugs at either end and iPhone compatible 3-button remote. For working in front of the turntables, a coiled cable that's 5 to 8 feet long is include that has beefier plugs --- a 90-degree 1/8" mini with screw-on 1/8" to 1/4" plug on the turntable end, and a straight large-body 1/8" mini-plug that screws into the earpiece on the other. The last DJ feature is when either earcup is rotated 90 degrees and held up to the ear, it monos both left and right channel into that earpiece so you can hear both left and right channels through one ear.

The design of the Mix Masters is not really up my alley. Its big, black, blocky, and high gloss plastic Darth/Stealth look just doesn't do it for me. The fact that they creek at the hinge when you swivel the ear pieces to their end stops just adds to the plasticky look and feel. However, the fit and finish of the rest of the headphone, cables, and carry case is really nice. Taken as a whole, it is a pretty sweet package for those with "take no prisoners" tastes.

The ergonomics of these cans are very good. The Mix Masters fit is extremely secure. The headphones hug your head and are light, so they don't develop a lot of inertia as you move. You should be able to jump around and head-bang to your hearts content. There is a top and two side pads on the headband to cushion and secure the headphones on your head. These are medium firmness memory foam pads covered with a very pliant pleather, and seem to surround my head nicely.

The earpads are very soft foam covered in very soft and pliant pleather. The depth of the earcup was just a tad shallow for me, however, and my ears touched the hard cover plate underneath and became a bit uncomfortable after a while. This is a fairly minor complaint, though. On the whole, remembering that these are DJ headphones and that need to stay on your head during vigorous activity, I thought they were very successful at their task and quite comfortable compared to other headphones that also successfully stay on your head.

Now to the really good part: the sound.

1441 W Ute Blvd. Suite 250
Park City, UT 84098

RudeWolf's picture

...or the mainstream headphones ARE actually getting better? First Marley now this!

Btw, was it a phone ringing on the video?

Tyll Hertsens's picture
I really think they are.

And yes, my phone was ringing in the living room.

SilverSky22's picture

Are you just as impressed with these as you were with the Aviators?
I really like these (Even more now that you say you do too) but I don't want to spend $300 dollars on something that won't last.

Tyll Hertsens's picture
I think I'm more impressed with these than the Aviators, but they're both quite good. One of the things that I wish I could report on is durability. But there's really no way to figure that out. I don't know how durable the Mix Masters are.
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I have now owned my Mix Masters for almost 7 months now. After about a month of use the squeak at the end of the cup rotation went away eliminating that cheap feel when you moved the speakers around. The headphones are sturdy and all the joints are still firm and show no signs of major wear.

I use these headphones daily at my desk, in school, and on my way to and from swim. The isolation is decent and the comfort is exceptional. As far as durability goes skullcandies have a record of just sucking, however these cans are very very well built and I think will stand the test of time.

DoingIt's picture

What is the main reason you would gve the edge to the Mix Masters over the Aviators and could you wear the Mix Master's for 2 hours comfortably?

Tyll Hertsens's picture
Oh yes, they're quite comfortable. The bass response is much better than the Aviators.
jaaron24's picture

Do they have any form of sound isolation?

Tyll Hertsens's picture
They are sealed headphones and isolate fairly well.
DoingIt's picture

Do you think they are better the the Beats by Dre Pro... And from what Ive been hearing from all over is these are the best celebrity headphones yet.

Tyll Hertsens's picture
Much better than the Beats Pro, and I think I agree that they are the best sounding celebrity can yet, though the V-Moda V-80 True Blood and Marley Exodus are very good sounding as well.
DoingIt's picture

Thanks.. Then the debates over.. Im almost certainly picking up a pair of these cans within the month.. Hope they do well

Romeobd98's picture

Would it be better for me to get these or V Moda Crossfade LP with Soul by Ludacris SL150? The V Moda with SL150 are cheaper but these definently look and, according to you, beat the other two. So which is better

Tyll Hertsens's picture
I think the SL150 is prolly better than the LP, but the LP2 is better than both.
SkullcandyxD's picture

So no doubt, if you had to pick between the 2 you'd pick the aviators? Also, do these leak less...I'm really stuck picking between the two!

Tyll Hertsens's picture
Sorry, I'm not sure which two you're talking about.
SkullcandyxD's picture

These cans or the skullcandy aviators

Tyll Hertsens's picture
I'd take the Mix Masters.
SkullcandyxD's picture

Thank you Tyll!

SkullcandyxD's picture

Sorry but one last question! Could you wear these for a long time or Southey tend to get uncomfortable

Tyll Hertsens's picture
They're fairly comfortable as these things go.
SkullcandyxD's picture

*do they

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im torn between the v-moda m-80's and the skull candy mixmaster. Most important is sound followed by comfortability. I also need a headphone that has iPhone controls. I like deep base with with highs that can stand up to it. Which would be the better choice or is there any other headphone anyone can recommend that fits my needs. Price is not an issue.

tats's picture

Hi! I really like your review. Great Job!
I was thinking of getting these but I already have the ATH M50. Is the mix master better in terms of SQ? The portable setup that I will be using are as follows:
cowon J3 > Fiio E11/E17 > Headphones

Timmyy's picture

I have the Skullcandy Skullcrushers, and i feel that the bass rattles too much, and it takes away from mids/highs...i feel like im not getting the full experience. Will the Mix masters be better?

welp's picture

will a 300 dollar dj designed headphone be better than a 2 year old 50 dollar headphone... i think you can figure that one out yourself champ

Andres Eduardo's picture

Hi Tyll, i have a question, when you plug the cable to the mix master (i mean, the track control cable or the mic cable, i guess is the same), does the cable gets plugged to the headphones so it wont came out? i mean, it gets stucked hardly or is easy for the cable to fall out? I have that question because the only cable with a screw that really attaches to the headphones is the dj cable, can you tell me that? thanks!

welp's picture

they both screw into the cup the same way

godspeed11's picture

The Mobile cable pushes in securely and the coil cable plugs in then screws.

welp's picture

ive heard the mix master mikes were cracking so skullcandy redesigned them with metal to reinforce the band, is this true?

Tyll Hertsens's picture

It happened very early on. The very first group of product went out, and then it stopped for the fix.  

godspeed11's picture

The 2010 release used aluminum hinges but a plastic headband. The late model 2011-present use all aluminum frame under the polycarbonate shell and they are much more durable.

godspeed11's picture

Have you had time to listen to the new Fanny Wangs 3000s? I was curious as to how they competed with the Mix Masters and other headphones in this segment.

I can say I am more than pleased with my MIx Masters and it will be very hard to replace them if ever that time comes in the future.

Tyll Hertsens's picture

Fanny Wangs are pretty poor.

Natedawg's picture

I know it's a bit late, but I was wondering if these headphones leak badly, or if they fair well. 

Also, I know they are 300 dollars, but I saw some for 135, and was thinking that they were fake. Any ideas?

LogicStorm's picture

Hey Tyll, I was wondering between this mixmaster mikes and the v- moda crossfades lp2, which one has more bass? I look to listen to rap with bass. Also, which one is more clearer?

JeandreVisser's picture

Which do u recommend more, these mix masters or the V-Moda M100?

Blaqoon's picture

In terms of raw sound quality, are the Mix Masters or the M-100s better?

Tyll Hertsens's picture

...I would say the M-100 is the better can for EDM. Or the Sennheiser Momentum for more neutral sound.

audiophile newbie's picture

I'm having a hard time choosing between the ATH M50 and the Skullcandy MIx Master. I found a pair of Mix Master in a 50% off. And it is now at the same price of the M50.Which pair should I buy? And does the Skullcandy produce louder sound output than th M50's? Please respond. Thank you.. :)

TJKuhn's picture

I have been searching for the right headphone for home/on the go listening for me for a while now and its come down to the Mix Masters and the HDJ-2000's. The biggest debate on this for me is which has better bass in terms of quantity and quality? I like the style of both headphones and have heard nothing but good things about each when it comes to sound quality. So the bass is going to be the decider as naive as it sounds, but i have to choose somehow, right? And I like loud bass so why not :) Please respond.

jeanmarc's picture

So do you have a recommendation for best overall DJ headphones? I am interested in soundquality, isolation and durability. I had bought some Pioneer 2000's and returned them the same day.  They weren't "much better" than my Sony MDR-V600's that I have trusted for about 2 years now. I don't want to make the mistake of buying another pair of $200+ headphones that really aren't that great.

I listened to the Aviators and was really surprised of how good the sound was coming out of a pair commercially available headphones and have decided to look more into Skullcandy. That lead me here. (Thanks for the insightlful review)

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