The Taste of Tone: Hearing with Your Tongue!?

Here's a news item I simply can't resist posting up. No, it's not about high-end audio, it's actually about a potentially much lower cost alternative to cochlear implants.

Researchers at Colorado State University are working on a small electronic device you can place in the roof of your mouth (like a retainer) that has an array of electrodes capable of electrically stimulating the tongue. The device will be connected via bluetooth to mics at the user's ears. Sound will be converted to signal patterns in the array of electrodes and the user will press their tongue to the roof of their mouth to feel the electrical patterns on their tongue.

Through the process of sensory substitution, researchers hope to eventually train deaf people to interpret the signals as sounds and regain their sense of hearing through the device.

Read more in this BoingBoing article.

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Well, we'll be able to add yet another elusive dimension to music reviewing, Taste!
We can turn to the Wine and Spirits people for the vocabulary,
hmm, this music has a nice nose with a fruity follow-thru.

This it right in line with all the rest of Obsessed Audiophilia.

I think I'll head right over to Headfi and confront Jason Stoddard with my hope for an opinion about how his Asgard 2 will end-up tasting, I'll buy a Lyr2 IF it's not overpoweringly bold tasting, and what about that new Magni2 ?, just how does it taste compared to the earlier and original ?

Bring on the Audio taste testing. We're about due for another "next, great thing" ; DSD is all but forgotten, vinyl is all but dead, high-res is becoming blasé.

Now we'll have to figure out how J.S.Bach was supposed to taste!

Tony in Michigan

ps. I can tell you how heavy metal "stinks" if you like, all that head bashing music smells very bad, I'm sure the vast audiophile body agrees with me on that.

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Tasty tunes. Even heavy metal comes in at least fourteen flavors, maybe the least palatable being death metal, although sludge metal and funk metal can be hard to swallow sometimes. You can tell hard rock from soft rock, acid jazz from smooth jazz, hot jazz from cool jazz. Jazz comes in all kinds of flavors, like Afro-cuban, Gypsy, Latin, European, New Orleans, Asian-American, West Coast, and all the varieties of soul, funk, bop, swing, fusion, ska, trad, ect. ect., big menu there. And pop of course pop comes in lots of flavors, from bubblegum to surf pop. Like Salsa? Tasty no? Country? Lots of international and regional flavors, too numerous to start to list! Even Punk alone comes in 15 varieties, many of which have their own flavor groups. Not to mention all the flavors of Blues, (29 and counting), Electronic, way too many to list, and we haven't touched on Classics of all the eras do we clear our palates? And at what volumes do we risk sensory overload, and tongue burn-out? What do vocals do in our mouths? I'd better end this rap.

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I had no idea the range of music, I give you full marks for this analysis. Seems rather like categorizing life forms in Biology class.

Tony in Michigan

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But what you enjoy really comes down to personal taste. (pun)

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Vanilla Fudge will become popular again.