Taylor Loves InnerFidelity (and Her New Westones)

You would think the promise of internet fame would make Moose a happy pooch, but there is sadness in his eyes. He knows his owner is going to be spending way more time with her new Westone 4Rs and less time playing fetch. Taylor Kasony is the winner of our Westone 4R Sweepstakes.

Kasony says, “I love Tyll’s reviews. They have helped me decide between a few audio purchases in the past!” This time she didn’t have to purchase a darn thing.

Enjoy your new Westone 4Rs, but don’t forget about your dog! Moose need love too.

veggieboy2001's picture

Enjoy!! (I'm sure you will....)

Tyll Hertsens's picture

Enjoy the freebees!

m8o's picture

Very kewl.  Congrats on the win!

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