TODAY! Tyll on's "Home Theater Geeks" Podcast.

Scott Wilkinson has kindly asked me to join him on his "Home Theater Geeks" over on to talk about wireless headphones, surround on headphones, and headphone imaging.

The show will be broadcast on live TODAY, Monday, April 8th, 5PM EST, 2 PM PST. I hope you'll join in to view. If you log into the chat session you can ask questions and watch people comment on the dialog as it happens. Quite fun, I really enjoy doing it.

Both audio and video will be available afterward on the Home Theater Geek page on TWiT; for real Podcast is available through iTunes here.

See you then!

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Would sure like to hear about listening to SACD multi-channel mixes on headphones. 

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What headphones with Skott's in the show? Thanks.

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Hasn't Tyll been clear enough on multiple occasions that the Beats headphones are anything but high-fidelity? I hope Tyll fought against this article being published. Whoever wrote this should be fired.


EDIT: To those who may think otherwise, this is not a late April Fool's Day joke, either.

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I haven't read the article, but that's a magazine cover; it's meant to sell magazines as it sits on the newsstand, and Beats sells... For all we know they actually crowned the cheaper Aviator over the Beats, the Aviators are actually decent (tho not very isolating for portables)...

Those Aviators on the cover got smacked with the ugly stick tho, whatever happened to the tinted/translucent aviator-like cups! I doubt Tyll has any say on what goes into their print mag btw...

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I agree with your take on the Skullcandy Aviator because it speaks hifi on so many levels. It has classy translucent earcups, a rock solid fit and finish, and a clean and expressive sound signature. There is absolutely nothing to gripe about with it. It is just the rest of the Skullcandy line that holds an active membership in the boom-tish gang which leaves me apalled, with Beats headphones being at the head of this monstrous movement. Whether or not Tyll actually has any say in what goes into Stereophile, he must get early sneak peaks of the magazine while it is still in early editing, given that Innerfidelity is a daughter site to it.

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No say, and no idea what they'll publish.  That's JA's baby, and I've got nothing to do with it. I am curious about the article though.

Three Toes of Fury's picture've done it again sir.

First up.....great podcast interview!   As always i found lots to learn from your discussion around headphones and loved some of the tech talk behind wireless formats and impedance discussions...very very informative...thanks!!!! for what you've done?'ve, as always, thrown out more cool headphone's ideas for me to try...blargh!.....i hadnt heard the buzz before around the Koss Portapro..soo...of course...i just ordered a pair to throw into the mix.   TYYYLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Keep up the great audio goodness and thanks for the tip in an ealier post to change the oil on my bike....its about time to clean it off and enjoy some 2 wheelin during the midwests BRIEF spring/summer.

Peace .n. Living in Stereo

Three Toes of Fury

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Chiming in on the Aviators....i love em.     I wish there was a tad bit more kick in the low ends but overall i find them to be a wonderful, well rounded, crisp sounding pair of headphones.  The cups provide nice over-ear isolation.    They are comfortable,  fold up nicely,  decent build, and the retro look with polished cups is pretty sweet.   They are my current go-to for listenting to music on the go.    They also do a great job of tiding me over till i can save my pennies and dimes to, someday,  buy a pair of Sennheiser  Momentums....ahem.....TYLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! 

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Nice to hear your opinion about the Sony MDR-1r in this episode of Home Theater Geeks. Hope you'll do a proper review soon.

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Very soon.

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I think I already forgot half of what was discussed in the podcast but I did mean to ask, what kinda device have you heard or owned that has a Dolby Headphone implementation? I know it's still fairly common on PC sound cards and console gaming devices like the Astro Mixamp or the Turtle Beach DSS mentioned in the podcast, but it seems to be disappearing on home theater AVRs where you'd think it'd be the most useful...

Some console gamers actually seek out old used Marantz receivers for DH because the overall sound is cleaner than that of devices like the DSS or Mixamp (PC sound cards don't have that issue since they can apply DH and then even output that processed signal over optical if you wanted).

It also seems to be common wisdom that the DH HRTF is at it's best when it's been fed a pre-existing 5.1 signal (Dolby Digital etc) which it can then map to this virtual space it emulates, most gamers won't actually use this for music because upmixing from stereo would obviously be less effective... Although now that I say that, I don't know if anyone's ever tried it with like a DVD-A for a concert or whatever.

In any case DH seems to be disappearing from general HT gear... It's also worth noting that at one time the PC industry had far more advanced HRTF models that worked off not just a 5.1 signal but full 3D models where the game could feed the HRTF, thru a standard API, actual coordinates in space (so it included up/down cues and more detailed positioning).

However it all kinda died when Microsoft killed the Directsound API in an effort to simplify audio drivers (tho Creative buying Aureal, one of the pioneers in developing this, also had an impact). The end result is ether some of the old school games actually had far more impressive surround emulation with headphones than current games, tho you can still get a taste of it with a couple of Creative cards that are being phased out but are still being sold (cards that featured CMSS-3D).

Nameless has a small thread on Head-Fi that touches on all these topics, since he's big into retro games (retro here being like 10 years old, not ancient)... Latest pages tend to focus on the status quo with current games but there's lots of good info within anyway.

I just bring it up because I think some of the best work on this matter, outside of Smyth, was actually done by the PC gaming industry (and MS, and a couple hardware companies); yet it was all brushed aside and tossed away at one point over a few unfortunate industry moves and games moved in to doing all sound processing in software (DH or CMSS-3D fed by a 5.1 signal is about all we get now).

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I've heard of this sad.

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I was really hoping HT gear would include DTS Headphone X. Very unfortunate and disappointing to read that DH is being phased out of the HT market.

It would be nice if headphone DAC/Amp manufacturers picked all of this up.

I think Turtle Beach has done a wonderful job at this. If they further developed their processors to target HT applications by supporting DTS (possibly DTS Headphone X and maybe other codecs), and mutliple headphone output that would be awesome. A high end line of products from Turtle Beach a la Asus Xonar would be interesting to.

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It really is a shame, the only implementation that are decent seem to have at least one flaw or another.  I'm using a JPN Victor SU-DH1, and it's noisy unless I turn down the volume and use a follower amp to increase the SNR.  On the good side it supports the three DH profiles and DTS.

I wish even a moderate "audiophile" company would really invest in making a similar box, even if it was only a line output device to a separate amp to reduce costs.