TODAY! Tyll on's "Home Theater Geeks" Podcast.

Scott Wilkinson has kindly asked me to join him on his "Home Theater Geeks" over on to talk about headphones in general and maybe give a few recommendations for gifts for the holiday season.

The show will be broadcast on live TODAY, Thursday, December 11, at 2:30 pm Pacific Time (2230 UTC). Both audio and video will be available afterward on the Home Theater Geek page on TWiT; for real Podcast is available through iTunes here.

See you then!

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Oh geez , tell him to sit back from the camera a bit , he's too much "In your Face" .
I'll watch, just to see the Shirt, see if you've lost any wt. and see if your hair is falling out from all the pressure you're under ( now that JA is putting all the headphone responsibility on your shoulders).
I'll get back to you after the Show, betcha you ain't looking foreword to that!

You had a good year,

Tony in Michigan

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I think you have to blame Skype for that. It seems that when the connection is too slow, it reduces net traffic requirements by 'zooming' into the middle of the image. When the connection is good, Skype includes more in the picture. Anyway it is really a podcast and can be enjoyed in audio only form - or making the video player window small enough top suit your taste.

I have enjoyed HTG for some time - even though I do not have any interest in home theaters as such - I don't even have any kind of television and do not like movies. Scott is very good at explaining technical concepts and I have learned much about technology (and reality) that I did not even wonder about before.

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That Fulla thing looks like a winner!, $79, it does everything, be interesting to see what beats it out in your recomendations, it's a charming little thing for people's frist step on the escalator.

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I tried to watch , did see the tiny bit where they asked you to pause for a still snap .
After you went off , they said you were going into a Rant!
Gotta see this , you in a rant hasta be a stretch, I'm not sure I like those guys

Tony in Michigan

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Figuring out how to create useful interface devices is a larger engineering enigma than I realized from just working with Room Acoustics, loudspeakers & amps.
I am an eager student, kinda in Headphone 101, trying to understand all the foundational elements and how they interact. I'll stay here until I have it sorted out.
This TWIT program let you do what seems (to me) to be a comprehensive overview, I couldn't keep up, you covered so much in so brief a time, I can go back to it for more points…
Sennheiser continues to impress, somehow they seem to have solutions well in hand, I'll continue to use their RS wireless line and their HD580/800 as my learning tools.
Thank you for being my Professor on this educational journey I'm taking, somehow I don't see you as a Reviewer/Journalist.
Someone did a nice job of pimping you up for this TV appearance , shirt looked nice and crisp, hair seemed perfect, nice round face showing signs of Gourmand leanings.
Thank you for sending out the invitation to watch.

Tony in Michigan

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Hello Tyll and/or anyone else with experience in the above matter.

Can I put a bit of equalization on the low end ( 100hz and below ) to bring it up to flat?, without harming the voice coils or doing some other damage?

I suppose I should contact Sennheiser for their answer, I thought of you because you one mentioned Eq in one of your posts, something of it being a taboo for a reviewer.

Back in the 1980s I was able to use a JVC 12 Band EQ to make Celestian SL6s sound like Meridian M3s,

which has me thinking it might work for the Sennheiser stuff .

Tony in Michigan

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Thanks Tyll for the rant! 100% agree, most of stuff the we do is rather pointless with the poor source we have. 24/192? really? Even Tidal or high quality streaming won't help with compressed and otherwise mangled source. I spent many years chasing really high end audio and room acoustics. I had the good fortune to get to know some of the high end audio engineers in LA in the 90's, they used to have a joke about the big mixing/mastering consoles. "It'll do everything but pass music".

Now just want good streaming, and a decent portable dac/amp + iems/cans. Fewer pieces of the chain is better. Maybe one day something like a Smyth realizer built into the dac/amp :-)

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Was great watching you on Home Theather Geeks and it's a shame that we don't have more podcasts of knowledgable people in the headphone world getting together to talk about headphones.

You were saying about how you don't feel you can review gaming headsets because you aren't sure about the intended frequency response. You'll find /u/StormTheNinja on reddit makes gaming headsets for a major gaming brand. In this thread /u/StormyTheNinja shows his "battlestation" after getting a pair of Sennheiser HD800s and talks about gaming headsets in the comment section. I'd really recommend you read through their comments because you'll find many of them to be quite interesting.

Gaming headsets generally come in two flavours. One is a bass heavy kind that is meant to make explosions more fun and the second is more mid-centric competitive headphone so that important information such as footsteps and gunshots can be more easily heard. The value of virtual surround sound really shows itself in First Person Shooter games where being able hear where your opponent is before you see them can give you a significant competitive advantage.

I would read the through the Mad Lust Envy Headphone Gaming guide because you'll find a lot of useful information there as well. However, I do disagree with Mad Lust Envy that IEMs and closed headphones are poor for gaming. Most people recommend headphones with a "large soundstage" for gaming but I don't agree with this assesment. What I think is important is imaging, clarity and not being too bass heavy. Virtual surround sound uses Head Related Transfer Functions as you are aware and in my experiencie the Etymotic HF5/ER-4PT are exceptional for gaming and work really well with virtual surround sound even though they are IEMs. However, open headphones do noticeably sound more realistic than anything that seals the ear or ear canal which I've found to be true in binaural ASMR videos and in gaming. So I personally believe that open headphones don't really give a competitive advantage but does make the sound aesthetically more realistic.

You really should start doing gaming headset reviews and I would focus on the more expensive $100+ headsets. The reason is that in purchase advice threads on /r/Headphones people are constantly asking questions about what headphones to buy and being constantly told that gaming headsets should be avoided because of sub par quality. While there are a lot of gaming headsets with sub par audio quality that doesn't mean they all do and if you can find a few good headsets above $100 then that would be great.

On another point you were wondering about a small portable bluetooth DAC/amplifier adapter with aptx. Look at the Sound Blaster E3 because that has all that functionality.

As for DTS Headphone:X it seems to be currently only available on Turtle Beach Earforce i60. Yet again there is more cool audio technology that has abysmal adoption rates due to licensing. If you do get a chance could you ask them whether they ever plan to bring that technology to Windows as a virtual soundcard or implemented into a USB DAC. I'm not going to buy a pair of Turtle Beach headphones when I could be using my Sennheiser HD800 with Headphone:X.

I'd watch this Youtube video on sound simulation in virtual reality because it's really impressive. Oculus have licensed this technology as well. With the Oculus Rift having accurate head tracking I think it's going to make huge waves in the audiophile communty. Good speaker and room simulation through headphones is looking very likely with the Oculus Rift and there are already virtual cinemas being worked on. Now you can see the virtual speakers and move your head in the sound field which is going to make audio a lot more realistic.

I can't think of anything more that I'd like to add but it was a great episode to watch.

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It's always great having you on as a guest on HTG, you're my favorite guest. I can't always listen to Scott, though, because of his annoying laugh, especially when he goes full-force into the mic. I wish they could be edited out on the replays.

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Yep, and thanks for being so knowledgeable and instructive in your friendly, down home, approachable way. You, and many other Montanans I know, would make good Hawaiians. Aloha from a fellow Montanan. Or should I say a lot of Hawaiians would make good Montanans, if they could take the weather and lack of ocean. It is the relaxed, friendly, real, honest attitude that we like about you.