The Ultimate Headphone Guide: Now Available for Purchase via The Internet!

The Ultimate Headphone Guide is now available for purchase in the Stereophile online store. Over five hundred headphones and headphone amps are listed alongside big, beautiful pictures and essential specifications. Click here for more details!

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I can't wait to order, I've been waiting for this for months now!

Awesome work guys!

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I just wanted to say that shipping outside the US has been reduced from almost $40 dollars from the only source before (forgot the website that offered it) to now $15.95.

Great job guys! Big help to your international followers!

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Also available on the Stereophile app through the News Stand on the iPad for $.99

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Firstly, great job with all the work and a shoutout to Tyll from the land down under. 

I ordered the guide early January but have not received it. Unfortunately, mulitple emails to the addresses provided on the online strore yielded no reply or failed to send through (email does not exist). Hopefully, this gets to someone on InnerFidelity or Stereophile that can help.