CES 2016

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Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 15, 2016  |  4 comments

Bill Leebens, of PS Audio, had been bugging me to visit Warwick during the show. Unfortunately, their precise location wouldn't be known until the show actually started. I kind forgot about it, and then I bumped into Bill in a Venetian hallway.

"Oh! Tyll! You gotta hear this. Come with me."

Boy, am I glad I did.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 16, 2016  |  6 comments

Full disclosure: I current have four t-shirts and three beer coozies I've gotten for free at the Manley Labs room at shows over the years. Also, I think EveAnna rocks.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 15, 2016  |  4 comments

At over a decade in the making, it was great to finally see HiFiMAN's new electrostatic headphones.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 16, 2016  |  2 comments

I thought long and hard trying to predict what Sennheiser might do this year. This wasn't on my list.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 15, 2016  |  2 comments

While on a special visit to Audeze about a year ago to do some research for this article, I got the chance to listen to some prototypes of the Sine headphones.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 11, 2016  |  1 comments

With tips for sport, comfort, and isolation, in four different sizes, Comply had a problem: How to make point-of-purchase earphone tip displays simpler for both stockists and consumers? Answer: Make a one-size-fits-all earphone tips and just display a few options.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 08, 2016  |  First Published: Jan 07, 2016  |  16 comments

Done with the mayhem over at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I've got a feeling there's going to be a lot more headphone action in the high-end displays at the Venetian this year, and I don't want to miss any of it.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 10, 2016  |  5 comments

Kind of a short report today. The Sands Convention Center was where the fitness stuff was, and a few other odds and ends.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 07, 2016  |  First Published: Jan 06, 2016  |  14 comments

Oh my aching feet. But a good first day! Lots of pix enclosed.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 09, 2016  |  6 comments

Day two at the Venetian. A few surprises...one of them HUGE!

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 05, 2016  |  15 comments

Gonna do something a bit different this year. Daily reports from the show mainly to provide the vibe. In-depth reports when I get home.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 14, 2016  |  4 comments

Beats and Bose own the lion's share of the premium (+$100) U.S. headphone market. Care to guess who's third?

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 12, 2016  |  0 comments

I've always really liked the Klipsch X10 IEM, and then the X11i that followed. I'm happy to report it essentially remains in the new line-up as the X12i. I'm looking forward to some measurements and listening to the rest of the line.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 13, 2016  |  3 comments

And...BOOM! Seemingly out of nowhere, U.K. firm Mitchell & Johnson show up at CES with a full line of dual-driver (dynamic and electret) headphones.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 13, 2016  |  1 comments

As I was checking out the House of Marley headphones, I stumbled onto their new low-cost Rebel Bluetooth ($69) and passive ($39) headphones. But...but...I thought House of Marley didn't do plastics due to their eco-conscious stance. And then I heard the rest of the story...