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Tyll Hertsens  |  Feb 10, 2015  |  18 comments
Been curious about this for a while. Here's an overview and measurements of some attenuating ear plugs.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Jan 01, 2015  |  14 comments
Measurements of: B&W P5 Series 2; Koss Pro4S; Audio Technica ATH-WS99; Grado RS1e; Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear; Flare Audio Reference R1; and more!
Tyll Hertsens  |  Dec 30, 2014  |  41 comments

As I begin to get my exhibitor list and maps set up for CES and first glimpses of what the coming year will bring, I thought it might be educational to look back at this last year. Been quite a trip.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Dec 22, 2014  |  14 comments

An Apple patent application for iDevices to perform spacial measurements with a laser shows capabilities to measure rooms.

With such a device, might we improve the virtual sound experience on headphones?

Tyll Hertsens  |  Dec 17, 2014  |  52 comments
This is a question I find myself pondering weekly, if not daily. I thought it would be a good idea to lay out my thought process on the subject for InnerFidelity readers and open it for discussion. Sometimes it's a tough decision and I think InnerFidelity readers should have some input. I'm willing to listen.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Dec 11, 2014  |  10 comments
Scott Wilkinson has kindly asked me to join him on his "Home Theater Geeks" over on TWiT.tv to talk about headphones in general and maybe give a few recommendations for gifts for the holiday season.

The show will be broadcast on TWiT.tv live TODAY, Thursday, December 11, at 2:30 pm Pacific Time (2230 UTC). Both audio and video will be available afterward on the Home Theater Geek page on TWiT; for real Podcast is available through iTunes here.

See you then!

Tyll Hertsens  |  Dec 04, 2014  |  31 comments

Hey, that's cool!

The folks over at Linus Media Group sent a contingent to Sennheiser's headquarters in Hanover for a little tour. The video they brought back is pretty cool, offering us a look at Sennheiser's campus, some company history, and a peak at the HD 800 manufacturing process.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Dec 01, 2014  |  8 comments
A couple of weeks ago, Sennheiser announced it will be opening a couple of pop-up stores for this years holiday season (November 22nd to December 28th), one in New York and one in San Francisco. The press release waxes poetic about the store designs and current Momentum and Urbanite marketing efforts, but it all just seems a little odd to me. I mean, how much of an impact can Sennheiser really make with two stores open for only one month? I decided to get in touch with Stefanie Reichert, a key strategic marketing executive with Sennheiser, for a deeper look at how these stores fit into their overall strategies. A very interesting and illuminating conversation ensued.
Tyll Hertsens  |  Nov 21, 2014  |  80 comments

Many years ago, I sat at a table with about eight audiophile gear reviewers and asked the question, "Is the fidelity of reproduction directly related to one's ability to experience the art of music?" There was a pregnant moment of silence—you could almost hear the grinding of gears in their heads—and then answer, unanimously, was, "No."

One wonders then, if the gear isn't directly coupled to the appreciation of music, why review gear at all?

Tyll Hertsens  |  Nov 11, 2014  |  52 comments

Sure, I think InnerFidelity's "Wall of Fame" is an excellent resource for finding good headphones. I wouldn't work on it if I didn't. But, it's not the only resource around that I consider good.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Nov 06, 2014  |  4 comments

It's been five years since the last stand-alone, Head-Fi.org CanJam...and I miss them.

The L.A. crew have been working hard the last few years, and their regional meet has become an amazingly strong event. So strong in fact, that Jude has come to see L.A. this spring as the perfect re-entry point of CanJam to its roots as a Head-Fi.org stand-alone community event.


Tyll Hertsens  |  Oct 31, 2014  |  16 comments

It's been scary in the laboratory the last couple of months!

Tyll Hertsens  |  Oct 28, 2014  |  47 comments
Woot! Tidal opens today, let's bog its server down!

Just signed up and got my mitts on lossless streaming; checked out a few tracks I'm familiar with; damn...it's just like the CD!

Tyll Hertsens  |  Sep 30, 2014  |  33 comments
Holy Moly! Been reading a lot lately on headphone design...how much is actually getting absorbed as knowledge in my brain is another story entirely. This. Stuff. Is. Complicated.

It's come to my attention over the last week or so as I've been working on my review of the Philips Fidelio X2 that my understanding of headphone measurements is severely lacking. For example, I had been making the assumption that that when we find the right target curve for headphones, it would have some sort of elegant beauty, and that it would be broadly applicable.

And then I got the X2.

Tyll Hertsens  |  Sep 24, 2014  |  5 comments
You may remember me mentioning previously that InnerFidelity's parent company, The Enthusiast Network, likes to use social media to attract attention for their web properties. I've had a few meetings with the social media experts at TEN, and they've sent me some best practices guides.

Okie dokie, they want it, I'll do it. Seems to me a good chance to float out stuff that may hold a bit of interest but doesn't warrant space in these pages..and guess what? I am having a bit of fun.

Anywho, all you Facebookers out there who want to keep up with my fluffy musings may want to go to the InnerFidelity Facebook page and give it a look and a like. I'll be posting there daily.