Herb Reichert

Herb Reichert  |  Feb 19, 2020  |  3 comments
To quote myself, “Measuring is an essential element in the design and manufacture of all audio components. But! As a tool for evaluation, or as a predictor of user satisfaction, today’s measuring procedures are almost useless.”
Herb Reichert  |  Feb 18, 2020  |  0 comments
Like I mentioned earlier, when I’m at a CanJam I weave through the crowd down the isles – staying alert for what might jump out at me. This “JPS Labs stack” jumped out big time.
Herb Reichert  |  Feb 17, 2020  |  1 comments
I did not need a divining rod to find the other portable audio DAC superstar: Chord Electronic’s 2Go streamer/server module.
Herb Reichert  |  Feb 16, 2020  |  0 comments
No matter how much due-diligence I do before a CanJam event, I still do not know what is really new and exciting until I get there.
Herb Reichert  |  Feb 16, 2020  |  First Published: Feb 15, 2020  |  0 comments
I’m always telling floorspeaker people how headphones “eliminate the sound of the room,” but laughingly the big jabbering-people-filled room at CanJam NYC’s Marriot Marquis gets so loud by noon – it penetrated even the most perfect fitting IEMs.
Herb Reichert  |  Feb 15, 2020  |  3 comments
I didn’t go, but I heard about it. Jude Mansilla’s first ever national Head-Fi meet was in New York City 2006. I remember because one of my friends went and came home raving about “inner ear monitors” by Jerry Harvey. I was like . . . “What the hell is an inner ear monitor?” And, “Are you kidding me? People actually get together to listen to headphones?”
Herb Reichert  |  May 22, 2019  |  2 comments
Now, one week after Munich, I see the headphone industry as a multi-headed hydra. One hydra head speaking to smart phone subway riders. Another to travelers on international flights. Another to indentured office-cubicle servants and stock-room box-sorters. Another speaking to recording engineers and air-traffic controllers. Another listening closely to mad gamers and silent-ravers.
Herb Reichert  |  May 17, 2019  |  2 comments
In the headphone world, companies like Stax relaxed; assuming their position on top of the electrostatic headphone mountain was secure. But we all know: you snooze – you lose.
Herb Reichert  |  May 16, 2019  |  0 comments
I have not yet experienced the music-playback capabilities of CanEver’s ZeroUno D/A processor. But Art Dudley has. And he praised it at some length in the April 2017 Stereophile: “By the end of its stay in my home, it had pushed virtually all of my Happy buttons — not by doing everything I could ask of it, but by having a point of view that aligned with my own.”
Herb Reichert  |  May 16, 2019  |  0 comments
At the start of High End 2019, I had never heard of electrostatic headphone manufacturer Warwick Acoustics. Then, on the second High End day, I noticed the $24,000 USD pro-styled Aperio electrostatic headphones and their associated power-supply-energizer, streaming DAC, headphone amplifier, and line stage, sitting on a spot-lit stand outside the Warwick auditioning room.