Grover Neville

Grover Neville  |  Jun 30, 2019  |  0 comments
Two companies that were part of the large Shenzen Audio booth were S.M.S.L. and Matrix Audio. The Matrix audio booth was showing a handful of all-in-one streaming, DAC and headphone amp models, as well as their flagship X-Sabre Pro. The Matrix models are mostly in the over $1,000 USD range, but looking at their feature sets it’s easy to see why.
Grover Neville  |  Jun 27, 2019  |  0 comments
I hit the room being shared Mr. Speakers and Headamp then something else caught my eye, which was a rather colorful headphone I’d never seen before from a company called Rosson Audio. After that it was a company I had not expected to see at this CanJam, or really any CanJam ever. Grado Labs.
Grover Neville  |  Jun 26, 2019  |  0 comments
I hit up the FiiO booth to listen to their new FH7 IEM and M11 DAP, both of which retail for $450 USD. A lot of my friends and new acquaintances had been telling me I absolutely had to hear the new FH7 IEM from FiiO. Moving on to other IEMS, another product that was getting highly positive show-floor comments was the Moondrop audio booth.
Grover Neville  |  Jun 24, 2019  |  2 comments
I stopped by the HyperX booth on Saturday mainly intending to take a break from more intensive listening, and found myself doing quite the opposite.
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CanJam Socal 2019 really knows their audience – the show didn’t start until a leisurely 10 a.m. on Saturday, which seemed to go over pretty well with the attending crowd and exhibitors.
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One thing the headphone community has always done well is meets. From manufacturers who generously bring gear and fund the larger affairs, to show organizers and most importantly, the attendees, every meet I’ve been to has been friendly, fun and informative.
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The T-50rp headphones are something of a watershed product in the headphone market. While they’re best known for being a heavily modded headphone, it’s more the after-effects of the mods that have really shaped the community and many prominent companies.
Grover Neville  |  Jun 18, 2019  |  2 comments
KLH is a Brand name that doesn’t necessarily ring any bells in my head, but does activate something distantly familiar.
Grover Neville  |  Jun 13, 2019  |  1 comments
Between all the disparate ways we hear our daily soundtracks as we move through our lives, we cover quite a wide variety of music and listening modes.
Grover Neville  |  Jun 05, 2019  |  3 comments
I’ve been following the folks at Cleer Audio for a couple years now, starting back when they were just showing prototypes of their NEXT headphone.