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As with RHA's previous in-ear releases, the sound of the MA750 is underpinned by powerful bass response, but it is an excellent all-round performer. The bass is definitely enhanced—though RHA bills the MA750 as the "balanced" option in the product line, its low end presence is well above what I consider neutral. There's a strong emphasis on sub-bass, and a little less on mid-bass, which is the way I like it. The deep bass gives the sound a solid "thump" while the lack of mid-bass bloat prevents the MA750 from sounding bloated and overly thick.

The midrange of the RHA MA750 is less veiled than that of the similarly-priced Onkyo IE-HF300. It's still a warm and full-bodied earphone, but the clarity is very decent considering the enhanced-bass sound signature—the MA750 may be a little less transparent than the VSonic GR07 Bass Edition, but, despite its name, the VSonic unit also has significantly less bass.

The upper midrange of the MA750 is energetic but emphasis diminishes before getting into the regions that typically cause in-ear earphones to sound harsh and/or sibilant. The MA750 is brighter overall compared to many other "warm" earphones, such as the Shure SE215, and has a tendency to sound a touch "tizzy" at high volumes, thanks to the lower treble emphasis. It isn't bothersome, however, and I definitely would not call the treble energy excessive, especially compared to some of the popular balanced armature sets in this price range. The soundstage of the MA750 is also pretty good, with ample width, good separation, and no tendency towards congestion despite the enhanced bass—a great showing for a reasonably-priced dynamic in-ear.

The RHA MA750 is one of precious few in-ear earphones that successfully combine a sound signature acceptable to the mainstream consumer, a design with no serious faults, and a price tag that—in the post-Beats world, at least—makes sense for someone in search of good headphones. The earphones are all but bulletproof, offer a secure fit, isolate well, and are backed by a 3-year warranty. For a fun-sounding earphone priced just north of $100, there's just not much more one could ask from the MA750. Wall of Fame bound!

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