Tyll Hertsens Posted: Mar 19, 2013 56 comments

The recent introduction of the Meridian Explorer has caused quite a stir in the headphone world. The headphone output impedance was measured at around 48 Ohms...way to high for a headphone jack. Meridian has executed an in-line run change and the product now has about 5 Ohms output impedance. Much better!

I thought it would be a great moment to compare the two versions and explain why a low output impedance is important for good headphone fidelity.

John Grandberg Posted: Mar 15, 2013 15 comments

Parasound hasn't released a DAC in nearly 2 decades. That streak is now broken thanks to their new Zdac. Was it worth the wait?

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Mar 13, 2013 85 comments

Arguably the most important audiophile headphones of the last two decades, the Sennheiser HD 580/600/650 family of headphones have a history of being both revered and maligned by headphone enthusiasts. I must admit to falling in and out of love with them numerous times.

What a long, strange trip it's been.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Mar 08, 2013 114 comments

I'm wondering, what's the most important headphone ever made for headphone enthusiasts?

Not necessarily the best sounding, or highest price, or most popular, but the headphone that was most influential in spurring on the hobby of headphone enthusiasm. In your mind, the most important audiophile headphone.

Here's the choices I came up with; if you feel I missed one you think more important, feel free to write in your choice in the comments.

What's the Most Important Headphone in the History of Headphone Enthusiasm?
John Grandberg Posted: Mar 06, 2013 13 comments

Icon Audio is a self-professed "small company" based Leicester UK. Since 1999 they have been in the business of making tube-based audio gear, chiefly amplifiers and preamps but also CD players and even tube-friendly speakers. I examine their HP8 MKII headphone amplifier to see what Icon is all about.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Mar 04, 2013 16 comments

A new month already!? Damn. I think I'll put up a news post that's been brewing, and forego a Monthly Update as I haven't got a lot of cans measured this month. A lot coming next month though.

On with the news!

ljokerl Posted: Mar 01, 2013 29 comments

A few months ago we tested Logitech UE's new in-ear flagship, the UE 900---a top-tier, quad-driver earphone with very impressive sound quality. Continuing the budget theme of my recent reviews, I thought the company's cheapest armature-based model was worth taking a look at as well.

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Jon Iverson Posted: Feb 28, 2013 307 comments
Register to win a set of V-Moda M-80 Headphones (MSRP $230) we are giving away.

"Masterfully tuned by a legion of legendary musicians, producers and DJs, M-80 packs unique materials, professional acoustics, natural noise isolation, ultimate ergonomics and military-level ruggedness into a design 53% smaller than its now legendary, over-ear sibling, Crossfade LP."

[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 27, 2013 6 comments
Today, February 27, 1PM to 5PM EST, I will be posting an "Ask Me Anything" thread. Please feel free to join me in the fray!

You can find the thread here.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 25, 2013 64 comments
Alrighty then, I've listened for hours and hours, read dozens of threads, talked with experts on the phone, and I'm now ready to wrap this thing up.

Don't expect a miracle.


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