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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Nov 09, 2013 25 comments
Tell you what, I think headphones are getting better and better these days. Lots of good measurements in this bunch.
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John Grandberg Posted: Nov 06, 2013 11 comments

Never has there been so much choice when it comes to all-in-one DAC/amp solutions. Many of them have some level of compromise, whether it be size, price, features, or sound. Here's one that seems to tick all the boxes without costing a fortune.

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Nov 01, 2013 79 comments

Okay, I know you're not supposed to give away the story in the headline...but I just can't help it. The NAD VISO HP50 is an awesome headphone!

ljokerl Posted: Oct 28, 2013 37 comments

Once in a while, however, a solid entry-level product makes me think of how precariously balanced the whole Hi-Fi segment is.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Oct 27, 2013 5 comments

It was fun covering the n00bs, but the old guard CanJammers had quite a good showing as well.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Oct 27, 2013 0 comments

Having seen Astell & Kern at every show I've been to this past year it was hard to believe this was their first appearance at RMAF. Given the look and feel of their latest product, they seemed right at home here at CanJam.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Oct 25, 2013 0 comments

Nope. Not going to do it. It might be the first time Cardas has exhibited at CanJam, but there's no way I'm going to call Andy Regan a n00b. In fact, Andy is quite the ambassador for headphones.

More than meets the eye here.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Oct 24, 2013 4 comments

Yup...highlight of the show for me. Good people...good beer...good conversation...good music. What could possibly go wrong?

My dancing, for one.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Oct 23, 2013 25 comments

If anyone ever tells you that a $30 headphone can't really sound all that good, tell them to go have a listen to the Tascam TH-02.

Give it a click, and I'll show you what I mean.


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