Open Season on Home Theater Geeks! Tyll Will Take Questions from the Chat Room.

Scott Wilkinson has kindly asked me to join him on his "Home Theater Geeks" podcast over on It's really more than just a podcast however, Scott will be interviewing me via Skype, and both the audio and video will be available.

The show today will be Tyll taking question from the chat room , and will be webcast on live TODAY, Thursday, March 24th, at 2:00 pm Pacific Time. Both audio and video will be available afterward on the Home Theater Geek page on TWiT; Podcast is available through iTunes here.

See you then!

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Hey Tyll,

Going to be at work during the show but if you get a chance I wonder what you think of doing a future article where you take one headphone and do measurements of that headphone on all the different amps you have in house.

I would love to see what magnitude of difference "amp rolling" makes on a given headphone, say the HD800.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Tyll,
Great job as always on HTG. I love it that the most popular guest on HTG is a headphone person rather than a home theater person...

Thanks for remembering me and mentioning Out Of Your Head.
We will be at THE Show Newport in June for sure and RMAF most likely. We always love it when people stop by and listen to our demo and say hi.

However, I just wanted to remind people that they can hear our demo video anytime on our website and use their headphone rig without waiting for a trade show or meet.
Just put on your headphones and go to:

People can also install the trial version of Out Of Your Head and listen to all 27 speakers and rooms using their own headphone system. This is the best way to figure out if Out Of Your Head is something that works for you with your headphones.
Download the Windows or Mac trial here:

Thanks again for mentioning Out Of Your Head. We can use all the help we can get getting the word out about our immersive 3D audio technology.

-Darin Fong

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I can't quite swing the Sennheiser 800 headphones...what's your opinion of the venerable 650's??



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Hi Thyll,

I currently am using Sennheiser HD414 headphones for my amateur radio, but find that they are a little 'too good'as they resolve all the noise as well as the signal that I am trying to discern from the noise... any suggestions from you or your audiophiles would be welcomed.


ps: Did you write a white paper for ILX Lightwave (Application note 5) on laser diodes? Just curious as your name is unique.