1More Quad-Driver In-Ear Headphones

San Diego based company 1More saw great success with their flagship Triple Driver IEMs ($99.99) and decided to add one more (!) balanced armature in creating their newest Quad Driver IEMs ($199.99), which will be released in late March.

The Quad Drivers will consist of three balanced armatures and a single Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) dynamic driver. (For reference, the Triple Drivers contained two balanced armatures and a single titanium dynamic driver.) As with all 1More products, the Quad Drivers were tuned by Grammy Winning Sound Engineer Luca Bignardi. Judging from the enthusiastic crowd at their booth, 1More’s fanbase seems to be continually growing.

Watch this video where David recaps the Triple Driver and introduces the Quad Drivers:

Watch on youTube here.

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'nother great posting Jana!!

After seeing alot of good buzz about the 1more triple drivers i picked up a pair this year and Ive been very pleased with them. Great build quality, fit, and most of all sound.

Its cool to see that they are expanding their line and tackling quad drivers. Ill be blind buying the new quads the day-o-release as i think this company really exemplifies what i look for most of all: high-quality-sound-products-at-fair-prices.

Peace .n. Living in Stereo


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It's time they changed their name to 3More in honour of the use of 3 more drivers than is really necessary for a reasonably good, modestly priced IEM.

I have some 1More/Xiaomi dual drivers (hybrid BA and dynamic) and several pairs of 1More/Xiaomi single driver IEMs. I also have some dual driver Shure SE425 (2 X BA) and some single driver Shures (SE215) and some dual driver Samsung IEMs (2 X dynamic). The number of drivers is most definitely not what defines audio quality. For what it's worth, in my opinion, the best of the above is the Shure SE425 (2 X BA). Next is the Shure SE215 (single dynamic), followed by the Piston 3 (single dynamic) or Samsung (dual dynamic). The dual driver 1More has some good points (nicely made, good microphone and inline controls) but sound quality is not one of them.

I suppose we'll eventually see budget 5, 6 and 8 driver IEMs which still don't sound as good as a really well implemented single or dual driver model from less fashion conscious manufacturers.


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I totally agree that quantity of drivers has very little to do with sound quality, but I am absolutely positive that the Triple driver is far and away 1more's best iem. I prefer their Single to their Dual (which I felt was a let down). That being said, I am extra excited about the quad driver. If it offer any improvement at all over the triple, it'll be a winner! If it doesn't I'll continue to buy Triples.

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sb post.

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