APERIO Headphone System to Supercede Sonoma Model One as Flagship

The flagship $4,995 USD Sonoma Model One Electrostatic Headphone System by Warwick Acoustics is about to get an update in the form of the APERIO integrated headphone system.

The company, which brought the Sonoma system to market in 2017 is back with a “next generation” version of their proprietary 15-micron metalized Balanced Drive High Precision Electrostatic Laminate (BD-HPEL). The driver is comprised of a 0.1mm thick stainless steel screen, along with a die-cut Formex spacer which is sandwiched between the driver laminate and the stainless screen to create a 0.66mm gap.

APERIO, which translates from Latin and means “to reveal, uncover or open” is touted as matching Warwick’s design goal for the system: “…to reproduce and reveal all recorded audio content definitively, without alteration.” The new amplifier integrates a network streamer and “ultra-high performance DAC.” Specifications on the APERIO amp/DAC look to a MOSFET amp design, Ethernet/USB/AES/EBU, SPDIF-based streaming DAC architecture with support for up DSD256 (DoP), 32-bit/384kHz PCM via USB/Ethernet and balanced/unbalanced inputs and outputs. The official launch is scheduled to take place at Munich High End in May, so look for more details then.

Press release highlights

The APERIO has been designed with the most demanding professional audio creators and audiophiles in mind. It is  a reference studio monitor headphone system for High-Resolution Audio production, mastering, mixing and recording applications.

This new reference headphone system will deliver the highest level of audio performance achievable by utilizing the highly-refined, next generation of Warwick’s proprietary electrostatic transducers, the Balanced Drive High Precision Electrostatic Laminate (BD-HPEL). 
This technology was originally developed by Warwick Acoustics for its first product, the ground-breaking and now multi-award-winning Sonoma Model One headphone system. “Our second product has been a long time in development, but the very best things in life are always worth waiting for,” said Martin Roberts, Managing Director. “The APERIO represents the pinnacle of our 'complete system design' approach by eliminating compromise for every element of the system and employing extraordinary attention to detail. It is an experience that we believe our customers will find truly remarkable."

The official launch event for the APERIO will take place at the Munich High-End Show between 9th – 12th May 2019. You can visit Warwick Acoustics and experience the APERIO in person for the first time at booth C11, Hall 1.

Warwick Acoustics Ltd.