AXPONA 2015 Wrapping Up!

Photo credit: Jason Victor Serinus from his Stereophile AXPONA show report "Day 3: Countdown to the Finish".

My "Interpreting Headphone Measurements" Seminar
My PowerPoint presentation for interpreting headphone measurements included sections on: the target response and where it comes from; interpreting frequency response; square wave response; total harmonic distortion plus noise; and impedance response. I had yet to complete sections on impulse response and isolation—I figured I probably had enough material to cover the hour.

AXPONA2015_WrapUp_Photo_02Ha! I had just finished the last slide on frequency response when I looked up and the usher in the back was holding up the "5 Minutes" sign. Geez, I'm going to have to tighten this presentation up a lot before THE Show Newport next month.

I took a few pictures of folks in the headphone area at the show. I'm just going to drop them in here as eye candy as I chat in general about the show.

AXPONA2015_WrapUp_Photo_08As I said in my opening remarks, this show seemed very familiar. I hadn't been to this show before, but it's very typical of high-end shows, and the inclusion of a headphone room made me feel quite at home.

The overall feel of the show seemed fairly up-beat; it was a mostly male audiophile crowd, generally mature, but I saw a solid representation of younger age groups as well. I wouldn't say I saw a trend towards younger folks, but I would say that I definitely didn't see evidence of a continued dreaded "graying" of the audiophile world.

AXPONA2015_WrapUp_Photo_04Do I think that has something to do with the headphone presences? Yes, but I wouldn't say that's a seriously strong factor yet, just that it is happening.

The Ear Gear room was certainly pretty busy throughout the show, in fact the show as a whole seemed pretty well attended on Friday and Saturday...Sunday was a bit slow.

AXPONA2015_WrapUp_Photo_01I learned that this was not the first time for an Ear Gear area at AXPONA, but it was significantly larger than the previous attempts. Brian Hunter of AudioHead and Liz Miller of JD Events (AXPONA producers) did a bang-up job putting together a solid cadre of headphone related companies for the event.

AXPONA2015_WrapUp_Photo_NewLogoIt's probably a good time to mention that it appears JD Events is trying to re-brand the event. I suspect we'll see it called Audio Con next year.

AXPONA2015_WrapUp_Photo_07Headphones Have Arrived in the High-End
I know it's been coming for a long time now, but for the first time ever at a show I kept being haunted by the feeling of how absolutely normal it felt to have a significant headphone presence. I tend to think it's going to become the norm at shows from now on.

AXPONA2015_WrapUp_Photo_05I'm not sure whether I'll be coming back to AXPO...Audio Con next year. It got kind of crammed in between CanJam and THE Show Newport this year. I'm actually thinking about not going to any of these shows next year and go to the Fuji Avic event in Japan instead. That would be cool.

Okay, back to the normal routine. Measurements update tomorrow!


tony's picture

Nice piece of Journalism on this Show, plus you did some Seminars. Can't imagine them not having you back. Just tell your Agent to double your fees.

Asia is only a curiosity, they don't speak English so all any of us can expect is a "look-around", unless you have a nimble translater ( that Currowong fellow comes to mind ).

Lots of exciting stuff in Europe though.

England, Scotland, Northern Europe, Germany, France, even Italy.

English became everyone's Second Language after the World Wars, even the Brits speak a kind-of English for gods-sake.

Every single person in Europe will be anxious to speak to you ( especially with your little "one man crew" approach to interviewing). They will love the cross-polinization possibilities of getting a bit of State-Side exposure and will probably end up exhibiting in our Shows.

One week in Europe will cost $10,000, you'll need to find some Sugar-daddy manufacturers to pony-up, your Agent can be a big help here too.

Headphones are High-End now and they're "Everyman" too, as these iPhones advance in Audio Capability.

I saw you and Steve G. at those early RMAF Seminars. I though then that you two were a "Team", naturals, great chemistry, you and he were ping-ponging back and forth having a grand time, I loved it. ( Jude was a bit put-off with you two stealing the show, I was a bit put-off with his pouting )

Now, I'm thinking, Tyll & Steve should be a regular feature, a weekly YouTube kind of production on all things headphone.

You two could become headphone's "Top-Gear", the Jeremy Clarkston / James May of Audio. What grand fun!

All manufacturers would want to have a piece of advertising on your stuff. JA would sit back and say WOW!

Nice work reporting,

Tony in Michigan

dripf's picture

Is there a possibility of your presentation as well as "Future Directions for Headphones" being made available on Youtube?


Three Toes of Fury's picture

would love to see more from your presentation!

DarthGore's picture


Did you get a chance to interact with Etymotic to understand their vision for how IEMs should sound, their point of view on the ideal target response with reference to their accuracy score, and their plans to introduce any new IEMs ?

Tyll Hertsens's picture
I spent a little time talking with Dave Fresma about it. Etymotic, Mead Killion in particular, evidently doesn't think the bass host in the Harman curve is correct. The top half of the curve is probably close to their target response. Don't know about future products.
Stefraki's picture

Tyll, would you consider sharing the PowerPoint from your presentation with us? Would be interested to look through it.

tony's picture

But don't time scrimp, we'll be happy to give you all the time you feel you need.

Even make an announcement: "Professor Tyll presents" kind of thing. Give us a YouTube release date !

What Fun to have our own Educator, Lecturer . Even be more fun if Steve G. was there to poke you with a sharp stick as you present ( a verbal sharp stick, of-course ).

Tony in Michigan

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This is a bit off Topic,but... Do you & Dan Clark share your Tropical print themed shirts (Maybe Dan took 1 of your shirts when you weren't looking ?)

(Being a "Right Coast" guy I just had to ask ?)

John Grandberg's picture
I was thinking the same thing
DarthGore's picture

Hi Tyll, I think you should set some kind of target for responding to recent comments posted across all your articles. You'd be surprised at the amount of queries from your readers that are left unanswered. Perhaps, someone can automate this by sending alerts when a comments hasn't been responded to 1 week or thereabouts ?

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I heard he was on a boat trip to that place Jimmy Buffet takes
trips to.

They're openning up a few "Shirt Shops" (Tyll appears to have a healthy sense of humor; "He says after heaping abuse his way")