AXPONA 2015 ZMF Blackwood and Vibro Headphones

Yet another small headphone maker using the Fostex T50RP planar magnetic driver, ZMF Headphones differs from most in that their wooden models are custom made for each customer. Zach Mehrbach did have the opportunity to expand the business with a foreign distributor, but the experience soured as he lost touch with his customers. Zach likes to get to know each customer and their wants and desires as he make his headphones and has slowed down his operation to suit his sensibilities and this custom-made model.

The Blackwood and Vibro are the two wooden models that are custom made, the former made of hard woods for a brighter tone, the latter softer woods with a more mellow voice. These cans include bass tuning ports that can be varied by the user by plugging up one or more of the three tuning holes on the outside of the ear cup. Many different finish options are also available. Prices start at $499 for the Vibro and $699 for the Blackwood.

ZMF also has some lower cost models that use the stock T50RP ear capsule housings that start at $249.

I'll mention in passing that Zach also had a very cool Decware Taboo Mk III A very good looking, old school amp using the 6P15P-EV tube—a very fast pentode tube used in Russian radar video circuits.

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I've ordered from Zach before, he's quite a cool guy. Even emailed me back after he got married (while he was on his honeymoon) when I had an inquiry. His base model is an interesting take on the T50RP, somewhat different from the Mad Dog.