CanJam NYC 2020: The Intro

I didn’t go, but I heard about it.

Jude Mansilla’s first ever national Head-Fi meet was in New York City 2006. I remember because one of my friends went and came home raving about “inner ear monitors” by Jerry Harvey. I was like . . . “What the hell is an inner ear monitor?” And, “Are you kidding me? People actually get together to listen to headphones, to learn and share their experiences?”

The event was free. And companies like Audeze and HiFiMan did not yet exist. Focal was not making headphones. There was no InnerFidelity. No Schiit Audio.

Now, that “meet” is called CanJam and it is a really big show – in a really big room. The 2020 New York City version takes place February 15th and 16th (today ad tomorrow) at the Times Square Marriot Marquis and it features over 80 exhibitors and five seminars.

Dozens of exciting new products will debut including Hines Electrodynamic Design’s HEDDphone (HA6a); which, features the world’s first full-range air motion transformer transducer. This will be my first stop when the show opens. My second stop will be to audition the beautiful abalone-inlaid “Solaris – Special Edition” IEMs But after that I want to audition Final Audio’s new A8000 IEMs. Then the Warwick Aperio electrostatic headphone system might be next. And the Empire Ears “Wraith” IEM (with 11 individual drivers per side). And ifi Audio’s new “hip-dac” which has the best name ever.

On Sunday, from 11:30am-12:30pm I will be listening to Dan Foley from Audio Precision explaining “The Intricacies of Testing Headphones – Interpreting Measurements” about how headphone measurements can be misleading and why headphone frequency response is never flat.

For more information, check the Head-Fi website, and keep check backing here for my CanJam NYC 2020 coverage.


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I’m glad to hear you’ll be attending that presentation!

Where is InnerFidelity with the measurements that were promised? If you’ve decided not to proceed, that’s fine, but I’d like to know why and see a post explaining it.

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It’s an IT issue. Tyll’s rig got sold and coming up with an entirely new measurement paradigm that would jive with the previous set-up and work from our new integrated IT standpoint proved nigh impossible.
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Herb, thanks for coming out to CanJam NYC 2020! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to hang out more.

The first National Head-Fi Meet in 2006 was held in Queens, and was organized primarily by several members of our Head-Fi community: immtbiker, bozebuttons, erikzen, Jahn, and jpelg were their nicknames on our forums. Also helping to organize that event was Tyll Hertsens, then of HeadRoom Corporation, later the Editor of InnerFidelity, and now retired.

I'm looking forward to reading your show coverage, Herb. Thanks again for coming out.