CanJam at RAMF 2014: Woo Audio W8 Prototype Transportable Amp

Woo Audio brought a prototype of their upcoming W8 portable headphone amp/DAC. Boy, this thing is heavy! I'd call it transportable, the sort of thing you put in your bags and use in your hotel room. Well, that's fine, I sat down for a little listen....which turned into a rather longer listen than I had expected. This is a lush and yummy amp.

Once done listening, I doffed the headphones and had a chat with Mike Liang. The W8 uses the same DAC as the WA7 Firefly capable of decoding USB digital audio to 32/192. The amp has three as yet undisclosed tubes capable of running in two modes: one with two tubes running and one with three active.

Availability is still some 6-8 months away, and price is not set but expected to be in the $1500 neighborhood. No info up at the Woo website yet, lots of other good stuff though. I'm partial to the WA3 as a bargain starter headphone amp, and the WA7d as a killer executive desktop rig.


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I see they're submitting to using the proper word: 'transportable'. 3lbs(4?) does not really make for 'portable' (which they were calling it when I dropped by).

The WA8 seems attractive to me as something one can take off the work desk and lock in a drawer. Sounds nice. I heard the WA8-proto on the HD800 and it had me mostly listening-in instead of bracing for lashes.

I saw one of the Skubinsky boys bringing over an Abyss to the WA8 station after show hours. Seemed like a power test: I wonder how it worked out.

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I don't know if they're officially changing their terminology, but when Mike said portable, I shook my head and said it felt more transportable to me. He agreed and used the term a bit. We'll see. Don't know about the Abyss, but after hearing it I sure would be curious about how an 800 sounded on it.
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Love my Woo WA6SE with a Sophia Princess rectifier tube for home listening, Will have to give the W8 a listen next year at Canjam.

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So this runs off internal rechargeable battery or takes replaceable batteries as well as mains power?

Pretty hardcore audiophile who carries that brick around with them, so I get the "transportable" side rather than "portable" claim.

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Still portable, at least for me. All you need is a good professional photographer's bag / beltpack [small to medium size] with two or three compartments that can be attached to one's waist belt / goes around one's waist. WA8 would comfortably fit inside. The bonus is the bag also serves as a safe storage for big headphones and for the music source / player. I already use this setup for my portable music therapy.
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