CanJam at RMAF 2014: Pendulumic Stance S1 Wireless Headset

The folks at Pendulumic poked their heads in the audiophile door earlier this year at the Newport show. I stopped by the booth for a listen and felt like it was a good attempt, but there were some things needing improvement. I thought the sound was somewhat uneven, and the comfort and fit a bit off. Mike Johnson, CEO, was sincerely interested in my feedback, took some notes, and thanked me for being open with my comments.

I think he was paying a lot more attention to the feedback he got from people at that show than I had expected.

The Pendulumic Stance S1 I experienced at here at RMAF was much improved sonically, and the fit had significantly improved for me. First impression: At $199 these seem like a steal.

The tricky thing with wireless headsets for audiophiles is that you have to split the difference between spending enough for it to sound good, but not spending too much as they'll never sound as good as a good wired headphone—enthusiasts should spend their money on wired cans when looking for seriously high fidelity. Well, I've been getting a fair few wireless headsets lately back home, and I have to say they're getting better these days. On first quick listen, I'd say the Stance S1 falls into that category of a solid performing headsets at a reasonable price...easily.

If you're interested, drill into the info staring at the Stance S1 product page.