CanJam at RMAF 2014:Alclair Custom IEMs and Curve Generic Fit IEM

Hey look! Jellybeans!'s a bunch of colorful CIEM samples from Alclair. Sometimes I don't know what kind of rock I'm under, but I don't remember hearing about these guys before. Tyler Folsom introduced me to their line-up of six custom IEMs ranging in price from $299 to $749. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

I picked the RSM Quad Custom In-ear Monitor ($649) for a quick listen. They sounded really nicely balanced on short listen and surely seemed a decent buy at the price...really decent.


The Alclair Curve is an unusually shaped, generic fit IEM.

And then he showed me their Curve, a generic fit, dual balanced armature in-ear monitor ($199). Very unusual. I did try it on and found the sound good, but I must be one of those people who it doesn't quite fit—the little arm ends poke a bit at the top of my concha under the anti-helix. (Yes, I guess I'm an ear geek.) They may want to make the top end of the Curve flexible or something. Nonetheless, it did seem like a cool idea and worthy development.

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Is is this thing:

Blue-Gear is also in Minnesota, which is probably why Alclair worked with them.

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I own the RSM Quads. I actually own two pair. They're fantastic for the price.