CanJam at RMAF 2015: Mr. Speakers Ether C Sealed Planar Magnetic Headphones

My experience at Big Sound 2015 with the Mr. Speakers Ether open planar magnetic headphones was very positive. It has, to my ears, a slightly cool tilt that isn't my usual preference, but it remains a really good headphone in my opinion. The Ether C ($1499-$1649 depending on options) is the company's latest effort to seal up the Ether to provide better isolation than its open-backed sibling.

I spent a little time with Dan Clark, CEO and founder of Mr. Speakers, talking over the technical details of both designs. While much of the conversation was off the record, I can tell you I felt Dan had done some truly excellent thinking about many aspects of both headphone designs. His comments lead me to believe he may have solved some of the problems plaguing planar magnetic manufacturers in terms of reliably consistant unit-to-unit performance of his drivers. One of these days I'm going to have to go visit his factory and have a look for myself.

The Ether C I heard at the show sounded quite good—probably the best sounding sealed planar magnetic headphone I've heard to date. Warmer than the open Ether, it plays more towards my preferences. Of course, show conditions and all that...I can't wait to get one for measurements and a long listen.

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Thank you Tyll.

Dan, I'm very much looking forward to come down to San Diego and experience the new Ether C.

Regards, Babak
Hi-Reality Project

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Hi Tyll,

Long time lurker. I'm very much looking forward to your review as you're one of the few reviewers I actually trust nowadays!

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I just wonder if the closed will have the same problem of not stretching enough to cover a big head? This would be the voicing (from the closed) I would prefer from Dan!