CanJam at RMAF 2015: Torque t402v Bass Adjustable Headphones

Torque has been making tunable IEMs for quite a while now—actually, they may have been first in this quickly growing category. At CanJam Yasu Yamamoto gave me a little tour of their latest creation: The t402v ($399), a four position, bass tunable, on-ear/over-ear convertible headphone. Man, it's getting harder and harder to have a limited number of categories to sort headphones into!


The bass tuning is implemented by having removable, square, magnetically attached ear pads. (The pads come in both on-ear and over-ear flavors and are shipped with purchase.) The ear capsule has a port in the top position that aligns with one of four port restrictors with varying acoustic impedance. Each setting will allow more or less sound from the rear of the driver into the ear chamber of the headphone, varying the amount of bass cancellation, which in turn raises or lowers the bass level.

Production samples arrived within a day or so of returning home, and I've got to say they sound better than I expected. Measurements will appear in the next Update. At a minimum I'll post a report on their frequency response—these headphones intrigue me.


Since he was so involved with headphone tuning, I asked Yasu about any damping in the rear chamber. He brought out a couple of samples; one of the bare capsule housings, and one with the production acoustic treatment. Our off-camera conversation then proceeded to lament the lack of damping attempts by most headphone makers.

Also, on display was their t096z tunable IEM ($329), which includes six interchangeable filters. These also came in the box and I'll publish measurements soon.

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Would you say this might be worth checking out for a person who enjoys boosted but good quality bass. I'm still rockin' my M-Audio Q40 since like 4 years now because I'm loving the bass quality & quantity ratio!