CanJam at RMAF 2016: 64 Audio A10, U18 Tzar, and Tia In-Ear Monitors

A number of changes this year for this firm starting with the name, now 64 Audio. Another is the company's move away from the Asius ADEL modules to one of their own making to improve module performance. The new Apex m20 and m15 modules (starting at $99) are claimed to reduce pneumatic pressure in the ear canal by providing a small controlled leak. This reduces bass response and outside sound attenuation, and is claimed to reduce listening fatigue and improve imaging. The new modules are backwards compatible and user replaceable for older IEMs that used the ADEL module.


I went through the existing line-up and found the A10 ($1799) with m15 module most to my liking. And then stepped up to two new models, the U18 Tzar and Tia. Chris Ogut, 64 Audio product development engineer, explained these begin to show a future direction for the company with a novel tubeless approach.

U18 Tzar has 18 (~$3000) drivers per ear with eight bass drivers, eight midrange drivers, one upper-midrange driver, and one treble driver. The two high frequency drivers are tubeless, with the upper-mid driver outlet firing at close range into the outlet nozzle, and the treble driver actually mounted within the nozzle firing into the ear canal.

The upcoming Tia (~$3500) takes this a step farther having no tubes at all. In this IEM, the two high frequency drivers are mounted as in the Tzar, but all the low frequency drivers are now tubeless and fire into an internal chamber that is claimed to tune and combine acoustic signals before exiting the nozzle.

Not sure how much was the Apex modules and how much was the tubeless design, but I did find these to sound remarkably open, coherent, and smooth. Remarkably expensive too, but that seems to be the name of the game these days...sadly. As long as they keep getting better sounding, I guess I'm good with it, and these are pretty good sounding earphones.

I'll let Chris fill you in on the video.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

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Really $3500 for IEM or as Tyll says EarPhones.???? It seems they gone over the top on pricing....where they don't cost anywhere near that price to manufacture. But I guess that's where PT Barnum is correct...

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Say'n "to be honest" makes me start to worry!, it usually suggests a bit of ><)))'> smelling nonsense.

Why do folks try to destroy their own credibility?

Tony in Michigan