Catwalk Cat-Fight Over Headphones

You may remember this post last year pointing towards Colombian artist Adriana Duque's series of photos of girls posed with jewel-encrusted headphones in ornate settings called Icon and IconII. They're absolutely sumptuous, if you didn't see them last time they're worth a few moments.

Evidently, Ms. Duque recently saw a Dolce & Gabbana advertisement on the side of a taxi for their recent showing at Milan Fashion Week featuring a picture of one of the models wearing headphones very much like those she constructed for her photographic series. She's suing D&G for stealing her idea. Let's do a little comparison:


Well, they're certainly similar, but I'm not exactly sure on what basis a suit might be brought. Ms. Duque's product is a photo, and D&G are selling the headphones as product (here and here). (The headphones were modified Golden Taylor models manufactured by Frends.) Frankly, after looking at these photos for that last hour the common denominator seems to be dour looks on the faces of skinny young females. Yeesh! Headphone should be more fun than that. the "for what it's worth" category, Beats has done this all before as well.


I do think it's interesting that the fashion world is tuning into the cultural relevance of headphones. Rising awareness of headphones, however weird, is probably a good thing.

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Fashion doesn't have any real IP protection except for trademark. Hence why you constantly see knockoffs. She should lose this case.

Beagle's picture do they measure?

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Well, I'd thought $5,000 would be the most a person could spend on a headphone, guess not, some Oil guy's little daughter will get a $7,000 headphone. Phew.

Is it again time for a French style revolution?

Tony in Michigan

ps. maybe it's time for another round of 1% Street Protests. I'll join-in, carrying a poster of one of these Princesses ( all of which look like their having loads of fun listening, don't they? )

ps.2 These things look grotesque !

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to make sure it wasn't April 1st.

What the headphones all have in common is that they are hideous. :)

Tyll: You getting any in for measurement? Will you update your categories to include 'carat of fake jewels', 'glue consistency' and 'colour palate'? :)

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"The headphones were quite comfortable until I tried to use them in be and all the fuzzy hair wrapped forward and began to get in my nose and eyes. It was as if a cat sat on my face."
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ugly! ugly! ugly! I mean cmon all the bling only to have crap wires?!!!

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Fanciest barnacles I ever did see!