CES 2014 Beyerdynamic T51p Headphones and A200p DAC/Amp

I wasn't terribly impressed with the T50p when it first came out, but boy, I was really impressed with the quite similar DT1350. So I was very happy to see Beyerdynamic release a successor product to the T50p this CES with the T51p ($299). The new model sports somewhat plusher ear-pads for a more reliable and comfortable seal, and has beefed up the cable—both welcome improvements.

And then, just to the right of the T51p, I saw the new Astell&Kern AK10...no, that's a Beyerdynamic logo!? What's up with that? Thomas Halbgewachs did verify that their new A200p ($299) was indeed sourced from Astell&Kern, but with a few modest changes to suite Beyer's needs within their line-up of headphone products. A quick listen to this little portable system put enough of a smile on my face that I made a note to request a review sample of the T51p and A200p from my US contacts after the show.

Both moves, it seems to me, are right on the mark. The T50p was a promising little headphone, and the improved T51p just might deliver on that delightful promise. And I love to see headphone makers acknowledge the utility and need for headphone amps to achieve great sound, and Beyerdynamic has picked a good partner in Astell&Kern to produce the A200p to add a portable amp to their product line.

For more info visit the product pages for the T51p and A200p.

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Based in part on Tyll's positive review I purchased the DT1350 to be my go to portable reference headphone.  Recently, I upgraded to the T51P and am glad that I did.  Both headphones sound great but the T51P is a fair amount better in my opinion. In my opinion the T51p has a bigger and wider soundstage and has better detail retrieval.  It simply sounds more like a full sized pair or headphones than does the 1350.  Also unlike the 1350, the T51P is not fussy when it comes to achieving a proper seal.  Without a proper seal the 1350 always sounded hollow or thin to my ears.  Finally, the T51P has a fairly transparent midrange and treble for on ears and has a slight bass emphasis however I would not call it a basshead headphone.  My guess is the slight bass emphasis might be preferable when listening on the go in noisy environments.  The T51P sounds great with my CEntrance HiFi-M8 and I expect it will also sound good with Beyer's upcoming A200p.  I will look forward to Tyll's upcoming review of both.

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Sounds promising. I'm a DT1350 owner as well, based on Tyll's review, and while I still consider it to be among the best in its class (that class being small, portable closed on-ear headphones) its flaws have started to irk me to the extent that I seldom listen to them.

Great bass, great mids, but the treble is seriously lacking. It's only been increased by my purchase of some Magenpan MMG's as my home speakers, the difference in experience is just too great.

But I do love the form factor, so if the T51p can do the same job with better treble, then I'm in. I look forward to the review.

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Stefraki-In my opinion the treble is not improved over the 1350.  However, as you mentioned in your comments, for me the T51P is the best portable closed on ear headphone (prior to that I would have said the DT1350).  You might also want to check out a couple of Sennheisers-the HD 25 Aluminum and the HD 26 Pro.  Both got good a good write up in a recent CNET article by Steve Guttenberg who I believe also is a contributor to this site.  In his write up, Steve commented that "Treble clarity was exceptional" (and that was plugged directly into his iPod classic) on the HD 25 Aluminum.

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To my ears the T51p sounds vastly different from the DT1350 - the T51p is a more fun, less analytical with tons of bass impact - I would definitely call it a basshead headphone, comparable to the V-Moda M100. I think the DT1350 is much more balanced and Hi-Fi, but I really dig the T51p. The soundstage is quite amazing for a closed headphone.  The cable is also a lot less microphonic than on the DT1350, a pitty that is does not include controls and is not removable.