CES 2015: Audiofly Enters Over-Ear Market with AF250 and AF240 Models

For the last three or four years now I've been seeing Audiofly at CES and been enjoying their ever increasing product line. In fact, a couple of months ago Joker sent me their most recent AF180 multi-BA generic fit in-ear, and it seemed quite good. Unfortunately, I think I managed to fry one channel during testing and we weren't able to move forward to a review. (This was during the time that my tester went on the fritz.)

I made a point of touching base with the folks at Audiofly to make sure we had another sample on the way, and was surprised to see that they were in the process of introducing their first full-sized headphone. The AF250 is a sealed, circumaural headphone sporting metal capsules, leather headband, and a dual-membrane (multi-layer) diaphragm. It comes with two cables: a short, cordura covered cable with mic/remote, and a longer coiled cable with about 3 meter reach. Also included is a casual and very pleasing (to my eyes) carry case. Expected price is $350 US.

A second model will also become available; the AF240 is also a sealed, circumaural design but capsules are plastic and the diaphragm will be a single layer type.

Both headphone have a somewhat unusual self-adjusting feature with elastic in the arm extensions. Elastic self-adjusting headphones usually use a secondary "hammock" headband for adjustment. The Audiofly headphones have the elastic within the band and the extension arms themselves provide the adjustment. This feature did seem to work fairly well, though I found the angle of the cups on my ears was not quite right, putting more pressure below my ear than above. I commented and suspect we'll see some adjustments before production.

Audiofly home page and AF250 and AF240 product pages.

If you can't see the video, click here.

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Very nice headphones!

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I've been very curious about these....any initial sound impressions? I think Audiofly may be a company to watch (or listen to...)