CES 2015 Introduction

9:58 AM Tuesday, the crush waits to set first foot in CES 2015.

It all seemed so normal at the beginning. Little did I know CES would hold some very strange surprises for me.

There were, of course, surprises regarding the personal audio gear displayed at the show. Getting to hear for the first time new cans from Audeze, Audioquest, and HiFiMAN, for example, were anxiously awaited surprises. Then there were the ones that came right out of the blue. Well, not quite, I did turn over as many rocks as I could in hopes of finding something new and cool, and it did pay off. The new SMS cans sound pretty good; Pass Labs is going to be building a headphone amp; and the new headphone from Enigma Acoustics was a completely unexpected pleasure.

But Vegas held other surprises for me...not so nice surprises that found me a victim of a crime; unable to work for a day; without my work computer; credit cards gone; ugh! We'll get to that story as well in due time.

So, please excuse me if I'm a little slow getting these stories up, I'm working on secondary computers that aren't quite up to the task...but I'll get there. So hang in there, it's worth it; the stories are worthy, and more than a little surprising in some cases.


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Tyll, you've always been an open book. Your willingness to share your personal stories and even pictures of yourself that many would prefer to erase from their memory blows my mind. I was wondering if you were going to talk about what happened in Vegas because you know, it usually stays in Vegas. But, it appears you're going to spill the beans yet again. Can't wait to hear more details and especially the comments that are sure to follow. Sorry about your loss but you always seem to find a way to remain positive about everything. Thanks for the inspiration.

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A cautionary tale is probably a good thing to be told.
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Dude...so sorry to hear you got ripped off..i hope you are ok.

I do want to say that your intro alone is spot-on. Ive scoured the web for headphone updates from CES..they've been spotty at best. Im so stoked to hear that you got to play with the new Audeze EL8 and Audioquests Nighthawks (im assuming). Looking forward to reading all of your posts, stories, and pix from the show.

Peace .n. Living in Stereo


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CES is always the greatest of great Audio Shows, the industry shows in Vegas end up being very good.
I'm sorry about your loss, all of us probably are, you are our man discovering and reporting. I hope you weren't injured but I know that being robbed injures a person's heart & soul.
I feel your agonies, I wish I was there to prevent it.
Thank you for moving on!

Tony in Michigan

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Sorry your computer and other personal stuff got stolen. Hope that results in just some inconviniences that will not ruin your time @ Vegas.

Interested in the SMS cans as well.