CES 2016: Audeze's Stylish Sine On-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

While on a special visit to Audeze about a year ago to do some research for this article, I got the chance to listen to some prototypes of the Sine headphones. I was quite encouraged at the time by what I heard.

The headphones are much farther along, but still in prototype form; I had mixed feeling about what I heard at the show, but it's not fair to judge the sonics until the final tunings are complete. What I can say with confidence is the all leather and aluminum styling of these headphones is absolutely lovely. The headphone will be available in two versions: one with a standard cable, and one with Audeze's very cool iOS Lightning cable. I've been promised a production unit as soon as it's available and will report back.


I've included a photo provided by Audeze as I find the industrial design, done by BMW's Designworks, simply stunning.

Yes, I know that Audeze has just released the LCD-4 at $3995, and I personally detest the drive toward extraordinarily expensive headphones just because they can be sold, but with the Sine at $499 (availability is expected around April), and last year's release of the EL-8s at $699, I have to applaud Audeze for pushing hard at both ends of their product spectrum. It's much harder to develop a low-cost product than a luxury item.

Sankar Thiagasamudram, Founder and CEO of Audeze, will give you the highlights of the Sine headphones in the video.

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Very nice looking headphone. I can't wait to see some measurements. I assume the regular and lightening cables are interchangeable?

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This headphone looks like a dream come true.

Thanks for the energetic coverage Tyll, what a fast recovery.