CES 2018: Snugs Custom Ear Tip Measurement App

U.K. firm Snugs offers an unusual line of IEMs with a focus on custom molded ear pieces. The offering includes products designed for: consumers; on-stage monitoring; motorsports; swimming; and air travel. They also have a number of custom molded hearing protection products for: work in high noise environments; swimming; 15dB, 20dB, and 25dB attenuators for musicians; and sleeping. And yes, they make custom ear tips for a wide variety of IEMs from other manufacturers.

But the thing that really caught my eye in the Snugs booth was their new method for measuring ears for their shallow insert products. Normally, you send ear molds or files from impressions or measurements taken by audiologists, and Snugs does use this method. But their new method uses a phone app. They have a small card with a grid printed on it for scale, and a hole into which you insert you ear. Then you have a friend take a picture of your ear using an app guided procedure. I can't find a current reference for the app on their website but Melissa demonstrates the whole process in the video.

View on YouTube here.

AllanMarcus's picture

Very cool. Thanks Tyll. I’ve thought about getting them as a present for my son and his shure electrostatic IEMs. They are very reasonably priced, including a trip to the audiologist.

Regarding the app and the lightweight tips. Did you catching they aren’t going into production until Q3?