Come Join Me at CanLanta 2016, on May 21st!

It's been a long time...too long...since I had a visit with my Southern headphone enthusiast brethren and the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta. It was maybe 8 years ago I last shared a meal with Chuck Bruce and John Morrison—but the ham, grits, and red eye gravy was unforgettable! I'm so looking forward to another dose of Southern hospitality.

CanLanta actually started in 2013 as a moderately large meet effort instigated by Head-Fi member Trav in 2013. A quick peruse of the impressions thread will tell you all you need to know—this was a "down home", back-to-our-roots headphone enthusiast meet.

This time the local enthusiast have teamed up with the Audio Video Club of Atlanta (AVCOA) to step it up a notch...without loosing track of our enthusiast center. This meet will have both enthusiast and vendor tables! And the folks at AVCOA have been very cautious to make it as accessible as possible with a $5 general admission entry fee at the door—and it's free if you present a current student, military, police, or fire department ID.

Exhibitors so far include:

  • Avatar Acoustics - iFi Audio
  • Beezar Audio
  • ECP Audio
  • HeadAmp
  • Matrix Audio
  • Mr. Speakers
  • Violectric
  • Noble
  • Empire Ears
  • Sight + Sound Gallery
  • Oppo Digital
  • Questyle Audio
  • Meze Audio
  • Kimber Kable
  • Audiophile Import Specialists
  • Sennheiser

There will be a fact, three raffles throughout the course of the day with lots of cool prizes! And I'll be giving the keynote speech and will spend some time with show goers who can come chat with me at two one-hour table sessions. (I'm going to have to think of some unusual things to bring to the table.)

But for me, the coolest thing by far will be being able to spend some time with old friends from,, and of course . I've been watching the Canlanta threads on each forum—here, here, and here respectively—and, boy oh boy, there's some folks I haven't seen in more than a decade that I can't wait to see again.

So, all you Southerners, round up your favorite headphones and come on down to the Atlanta Marriot Century Center, 10AM-6PM, May 21st (next weekend!) and join in the fun! And if you see a tubby old dude in an Hawaiian shirt, tap me on the back and say, "Hi!" I'd love to see you there!

Oh! And if you want to support the Audio Video CLub of Atlanta and their ongoing audio enthusiast event efforts, you can visit their website for info, and join up here.

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Looking forward to it and to meeting you.

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Hey Tyll,

Can't wait to see you again. It's been a few years since we were in Tampa, I believe. You, me, Fitz, Justin... if only we could get Steve to come out. :)

Lots of people I haven't seen in quite a while. Definitely looking forward to the d-_-b locals, travel team, and the A-VCOA crew.

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and publish them on Youtube and Head-fi.

Tony in Michigan

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The picture on the poster looks suspiciously like the Grado RS-1's. Someone should send a poster to Jonathan Grado and tell him to come too.

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i want to see all of it.