Headphone Measurement Datasheet Housecleaning

I've been doing quite a bit of clean-up and re-organizing with the measurement datasheets. The main objective was to sort the headphones into various types: Full-size open; full-size sealed; earpad open; earpad sealed; in-ear; ear bud; noise cancelling; and wireless.

I've also added a goodly number of new headphone measurements. All measurements can be seen one page at a time on the Headphone Datasheet Download Page, or all measurements can be downloaded at once in the Headphone Measurement Datasheet .pdf booklet.

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Fabulous resource. No, not an echo. Just repeating. It would seem from the response curves that you could take those Denons with the JMoney pads and throw everything else away. And that curve on the Beyer DT-1350 - not promising.

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... I thought the DT 1350 quite good. Amazing bass extention; almost picture perfect 300Hz square wave ... whaddaya mean the DT 1350 doesn't look good. It looks good on paper.

Better yet, it sounded pretty good to my ears. After playing with yours, I called the guy at Beyer, and we decided to get me some fresh DT 1350 and T50p to pay with. My understanding is that the current T50p has the earpads that are on the DT 1350. Looking at the impedance curves, I'd guess they played with the driver too.

All I know is that your DT 1350 sounded and measured well to me. I'll have some to play with at length soon.


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I was getting a headache the first few hours and could not figure out why. I tentatively concluded that my brain was straining to hear the detail around 3 khz or so that's very abundant on the HD-800 but suppressed on the DT-1350. It's a very different sound than the HD-800, and I didn't see that as good. Maybe someone can convince me otherwise, since I did many direct comparisons between the HD-800 and the DT-1350.

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On my very primitive website (above) I have updated most of my reviews to include comments at the bottom of each review as to how the headphone handles certain sound characteristics in tracks I've found useful for testing. Comparing the HD-800 and DT-1350, the last entry for The Who: That's a test first given to me by my wife in 1974 when I was equalizing some dynamic 'phones to try to sound as much like the Koss ESP-9's as possible. The equalization got the overall balance down, but the vocal quality did not match well. The ESP-9 won handily. Moving up a couple of rows, the DT-1350 was boomy with U2 - the HD-800 was tight. On a few tracks, I noted that the 1350 had better bass impact. With the Commodores, there's a lot of bass detail that the 800 resolved well, but the 1350 smeared somewhat.

Although in the review I noted that the very highs on the 1350 matched the 800 more or less, it was very obvious to me that there was a lot of upper-midrange lower-highs detail in the 800's sound that I just couldn't hear with the 1350.

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Sorry for bothering you, but the following document seems to be corrupted:

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... all the links should work now. Thanks again for the heads-up! :)
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Just a minor quibble, though:
http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/GradoSR225ComfyPadwithHole.pdf should probably be renamed to GradoSR225iComfyPadwithHole.pdf (SR225 vs SR225i).

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... I'll look into them.
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I am listening to this for some ten days now and am absolutely amazed. Low reaching, tight bass, great resolution, smooth treble and by no means rolled-off treble, great soundstange (for a closed design) and phantastic isolation.

The measurements look to good to be true, especially the rectangles just are terrific.

Maybe @dalethorn you should play with the seating of the phones. To me they are a great complement to my HD-800.

The DT-1350 replaced my Shure SRH-840 as closed can. Tried the Sony MDR-Z1000 before and was frustrated by lack of resolution and soundstage. Have not tried the DT-48, but this seems to come without any bass at all, and have a strange response in the treble department.

Before I forget: @Tyll: This site is a really great ressouce, thank you so much for sharing knowledge and guidance.

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@jherbert - thanks for the informative post. I'm sending the DT1350 off to Headphiles in the Philippines next, where some of the gurus there will shake it down some more. BTW I've become a reluctant expert in seating earpads, due to frustration with the DT48 and DTX300. Better seating means even more bass, which would make my evaluation of the 1350 even worse! As to the DT48 having no useful bass - there are some models of DT48 out there that fit that description. I hope you didn't buy one of those. If you know someone who did, tell them to get a new set of *oval* cushions.

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@Jherbert - I was going back over the freq. response charts to explain to myself why there's such a suckout in the high mids with the 1350. I was playing the '72 Solti Beethoven 9th Pt.4 for voices and instruments, and just couldn't get anywhere with the 1350. So checking the charts, I see with the HD800 that the mids around 400 hz are at -2 db, it's down to -10 at 3000, and back up to -5 at 7000. Not bad, and people's ears say the HD800 is about right. So that's down a max. of about 8 db at 3000 hz from 400 hz.

Checking the 1350, I see it's at +7.5 at 400, broadly, down to -10 at 3000 (note: down 17.5 db from the mids at 400 hz), and down to -17.5 at 7000 hz, which is down 25 db from the midrange around 400 hz. That's a big suckout, and that's what I hear. By contrast, the old DT-48's worst dip seems to be about 17.5 db down from the midrange (from -2.5 to -20 db), which is 7.5 db better than the 1350.

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Any chance the Fostex T50RP and Thunderpants are in for good measure?

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Tyll already measured two headphones named "Thunderpants" at CanJam 2010: http://www.fileserve.com/file/WynzKx7

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... do you have some I could measure?
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Thanks Tyll, what a great resource!

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Unfortunately I live across the water, but I'm sure there are nice natives who could send you the headphones for measuring.

Thanks for letting us take part of your measurements - it's both valuable and generous. Keep up the good work!

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This is a great job - impedance plots, impulse and square responses, frequency responses with corrections - awesome!