Headphones, One Artists View

Obviously, Adriana Duque's perspective on headphones is quite different than mine.

And far more colorful and imaginative.

I thought they were oddly soothing. More pictures here.

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Creepy and pretty
Strange. Are those beats headphones covered up with pearls,jewels and such?

I packed up my entire rig to focus on school- College. For now, a temp-retired audiophile. Still like the hobby, but the utter lack of interest from 95 percent of the population in high end audio makes it seem like a pretty lame hobby...

I think I'll try something new.

And btw, are those beautiful headphones she's wearing substantially colored sounding?

That would totally suck, because they're dressed up so nicely - The headphones.

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Stepford daughters with headphones.

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Ah, maaan, these are fantastic - superbly photographed and very tasteful, I love the period feel used too - just incredible!

I mess about with photo manipulation and incorporate headphones into some of my stuff - though no where near as good as on show here.

Check my headphone photo manipulation pop art out Tyll and tell me what you think - lol - I'll not be giving up my day job to pursue photo pop art, but it's a lot of fun regardless :)


A few pics from my album on Head-Fi

(You may appreciate the first pic Tyll ;))




This is actually my most viewed pic out of my entire album featured oh Head-Fi's gallery



Thanks for this article showcasing these cool photos for sure!

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Just cause something happened doesn't mean we still can't talk CB. Lets talk on Skype, okay? :)
Anyways... I love all the headphone art people make. Pretty glorious.

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Yeah, just because Currawong is an abusive Head-Fi mod who was so butt-hurt for Jude reversing his dumb ban, he does it again, just because I expressed an interest in attending the Tokyo meet :(

But, yeah, these images are pretty special, I don't know how Tyll finds this type of awesome, but I'm glad he can for sure.

They kind of remind me of Princess Leia, only younger with more bling factor.

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Good idea, Tyll, much different from usual techno babble on this website but good to see it. Much appreciated.