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HeadRoom Crossfeed

I've owned the HeadRoom Micro Amp and matching DAC since 2007. I've scoured different crossfeed programs/circuits for years trying to find one that was superior to the crossfeed circuit that came stock in the Micro Amp. I still haven't found one that beats the HeadRoom feature. And my amp is one of lesser expensive models. To me a crossfeed feature is a must for high-end headphone listening. I'm primarily a rock listener. My question is why has this circuit no longer used? I've tried all the Foobar and J River features and compared to the circuit in my $350, amp there's no comparison.

Back about 10 years ago HeadRoom made a real big deal using these crossfeed circuits a selling point. Now they are non-existent. HeadRoom has discontinued it's line of gear and their website only sells other companies gear. Don't get me wrong. If you're shopping for all things headphones, they are the place to go. The staff is very good and will meet all your needs. They are more interested in making sure you get the product you want/need rather than trying to empty your pockets.

But what happened to the crossfeed circuit that works better than anything out there? I want to upgrade my amp but I don't dare. I'm going to use it until all the op-amps fail.(BTW they have a great service department as well) Well I had my say.

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