InnerFideliBits: ChipSiP SiME Headphone; Doppler Labs "here" Earphone; Washington State Ban On Headphones While Driving; LEAR Semi-Hard Shells

In this InnerFideliBits edition, we've got a headphone with an innovative Google Glass-like display, an earpiece with some innovative digital signal processing that lets you re-mix the sound of the world around you, a new safety law for headphone users behind the wheel, and silicon semi-hard shells on LEAR IEMs!


New Product: ChipSiP SiME Headphone

Headphones have fundamentally changed the way we hear the world. Now electronics accessory company ChipSiP is hoping they'll influence the way we see it as well. The company's SiME line of HUD (heads-up display) products has a new member in the form of the new SiME headphone, introduced at Computex. The headphone will feature a HUD that rotates down when in use and can rotate up to align with the headband when not in use. The HUD will display useful information and is powered by an independently developed Android-based OS. The relentless march towards smart headphones continues.

For more info, check out the full PCWorld article and ChipSiP's SiME article glasses page.


Safety News: Washington State Bans Two-Eared Headphones and Earphones While Driving

When you're blasting that "Late Night Guitar" through your cans, sometimes it hard to resist taking the whole experience on the road with you. I've personally witnessed a number of folks wearing full-size over ear headphones (even noise-cancelling headphones, *gasp*!) while driving. Seems a tad unsafe to me, and apparently lawmakers in Washington state agree. WAC 204-10-045, an amendment to a prior law which concerns the use of media devices while driving, now limits usage of earphones/headphones to those which cover only one ear. Hopefully, people will take a page out of Washington State's book and listen through their car's stereo system till they hit their destination, regardless of which state they lie in.

Check out the Washington State Legislature page for more info.

Kickstarter: Doppler Labs here Earphones

Ever thought that the world had a bit too much noise, or needed a little more bass? Well Doppler Labs thinks they have a solution. With the new "here" earphones and the paired smartphone app, Doppler Labs claims it's now possible to equalize and edit how you hear the world. The earphones have an innovative Digital Sound Processing implementation that can do a number of cool things like lowering ambient noise levels and EQing live music performances. We've all been to live performances that we've thought had an A/V guy with a heavy-handed EQing or sat down next to a crying baby for a trans-Atlantic flight; if Dopler Labs gets this right we might be able to re-tweak the sound of the world around us.

(Ed Note: Nice pick, Sean. I saw this news blurb in my feed recently and the idea is tantalizing. The idea of the sound of the world, re-mixed for me, is pretty cool.)

For more info, explore their Kickstarter page.


New Product: LEAR Semi-Hard Shells

Custom in-ears have come a long way in the past few years. With laser-based digital scanning and phase-aligned 8-way crossover implementations, you'd think that we'd hit the endgame. As someone with an unusually sharp canal bend in my ear, the simplest change that I'd love to see every IEM manufacturer make is to offer soft silicone bodies on their IEMs. LEAR apparently gets it and has begun offering this option on their LEAR LCM 1-BD4.2 models and reshells. LEAR claims the new shells offer improved fit, comfort, and durability. Personally, I'd like to see this option available from all our favorite in-ear manufacturers!

For more info, explore the Head-Fi announcement page.


Got any news you'd like me to check out? Leave a comment below and I'll look into it for the next InnerFideliBits!

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I really enjoy this new quick hit, "hey, there's something really interesting happening, go take a look" column, or coverage, or feature, whatever you call something like this in the digital publishing world. Provides me with enough information on each new thing to decide if I want to spend any time looking, but still gives me a feel for overall trends in innovation.

Every one of them has sent me on a half-dozen click journeys for at least one thing presented. Great stuff.

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I'm really glad you like the content! I love writing for this community, because everyone is so nice!

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In following the link it doesn't look like motorcyclists are exempt. Given the damaging wind noise, many (most?) ride with either earplugs or noise blocking headphones. I myself often use my Shure SE215s.

Having said that, this seems to be in relation to hands free communication devices, not sure if music players are in the same category.

markbrauer's picture

Minnesota has had a law like this on the books for as long as I can remember.
I consistently see it being broken. Don't know if it's ever enforced.

As for motorcyclists; good hearing protectors, unlike noise isolating IEMs, allow one to hear what's important and don't mask the world with an overlay of talk/music.

Be safe.