InnerFidelity Facebook Page Now Active!

You may remember me mentioning previously that InnerFidelity's parent company, The Enthusiast Network, likes to use social media to attract attention for their web properties. I've had a few meetings with the social media experts at TEN, and they've sent me some best practices guides.

Okie dokie, they want it, I'll do it. Seems to me a good chance to float out stuff that may hold a bit of interest but doesn't warrant space in these pages..and guess what? I am having a bit of fun.

Anywho, all you Facebookers out there who want to keep up with my fluffy musings may want to go to the InnerFidelity Facebook page and give it a look and a like. I'll be posting there daily.

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Phew , will you be doing any Car or Truck audio reviews ? You fit-in with this Group about as well as a Chiropractor at a Pharmaceutical Convention .
No matter , they'll probably sell you lads off to somebody who is a better match or swap you for a Gourmand Cooking Glossy .
Either way , better start planning an exit strategy or consider this to be your one big chance to become "The" Editor of Motor Trend .

Tony in Michigan

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Funny guy. :)
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So im guessing you didnt put any of the celebrity style headphones on your Wall of Fame? Cause you did say the Mix Master was your favorite celebrity style headphone, closely followed by the V-Moda Crossfade M-80 & True Blood V-80 so i was just wondering if u didnt put them on there for being a celebrity styled headphone. If you could answer this I'd greaty appreciate it InnerFidelity and I need help writing essay about it.

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