InnerFidelity Podcast No.15 with Grado Labs

Grado Labs is one of the original hi-fi headphone makers. Based in New York, the longtime family company has been manufacturing phono cartridges and headphones dating all the way back to the 1950s. At a recent audio show in Los Angeles, a new generation of the Grado company consisting of Johnathan and Matthew joined their father and current CEO John Grado to discuss what the company has been up to the past few years and what lies ahead for fans of the brand in the future.

– Brian Hunter and Rafe Arnott

The InnerFidelity Podcast features one-on-one interviews with everyone from high-fidelity headphone manufacturing heavyweights, musicians, artists, audio engineers and record and tape collectors, to long-time industry legends, audio technical experts and young up-and-coming headphone designers, host Brian Hunter takes listeners on an exciting aural journey every month with intelligence, wit and humour.

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