InnerFidelity Podcast No.6 with Zach Mehrbach of ZMF Headphones

Zach Mehrbach of ZMF Headphones talks to us with a transparency that is sure to intrigue anyone interested in the subject of headphone entrepreneurship. From a quick start just a few short years ago, ZMF now produces a growing product line of proprietary dynamic cans and is slowing inching its way to a bigger slice of the market pie. While not the biggest player in the game, ZMF has carved out its own space with unique material usage and a growing fanbase of Zach’s tenacious drive for refinement.

– Brian Hunter and Rafe Arnott

The InnerFidelity Podcast features one-on-one interviews with everyone from high-fidelity headphone manufacturing heavyweights, musicians, artists, audio engineers and record and tape collectors, to long-time industry legends, audio technical experts and young up-and-coming headphone designers, host Brian Hunter takes listeners on an exciting aural journey every month with intelligence, wit and humour.

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