InnerFidelity Update April 2017

Not a lot of new measurements in this update as most were also reviewed, but a couple of new ones of interest. Most model names at the beginning of the paragraph link to the measurements or are to be found in the copy; links to reviews are included where relevant as well.

As usual I've updated the AllGraphs.pdf of course, and added the cans to the measurement datasheets page. I've also linked to the measurement sheets to the headphone name in paragraphs below. New additions include:

AKG K1000 - A classic headphone the deserved to have been in the measurements bank for a long time..big thinks to Yaluen for making it happen! Short article on the measurements here, and a little discovery on the weird isolation measurements.

AKG N90Q - Expensive, but other than being wired only, the N90Q is a clear step up from the Bose QC35. Let's call it an audiophile noise canceler. Review here.

Audio Technica ATH-A2000Z - Not quite good enough for the Wall of Fame, but maybe the best of the 3D-Wing headband Audio Technicas I've heard. Read more here.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 - Measured both wirelessly and wired these are a terrific sounding sealed wireless headphone. As I wrote in my review, the P7 ticks all the boxes for the mobile audiophile. A Wall of Famer for sure.

JBL Everest Elite 700 - When measured wirelessly, wired active, or wired passive, the EE700 seems to be the first JBL headphone to receive the trickle down research from Sean Olive and friends. Yupper, my review is quite positive.

Massdrop E-Mu Purpleheart - Blinged out with this lovely lavender wood, The Massdrop E-Mu Purpleheart is a re-woodied E-Mu Walnut I reviewed positively here. I've got to hand it to Massdrop, they regularly pick winners.

Meze IEMs - I'm going to have to listen a bit more, but measurements of the 11 Neo and 12 Classics IEMs show a warm and well behaved earphone. Initial listening confirms a warm and inviting sound. I'll be listening some more.

Meze 99 Neo - A follow on to the 99 Classics, I found the 99 Neo a bit below par due to a new pad change to the line. Did some playing around with the pads you can read about here.

MrSpeakers Aeon Pre-Production - I usually don't measure anything but production headphones, but man am I glad I made an exception in this case. Initial production run for pre-order customers has product slated to begin shipping before months end. Hard to know how soon I'll get to hear this hen's tooth, but that pre-production unit looks good on paper and sounded damned good for the two days I had it here.

MrSpeakers Ether C Flow w/E-Stat Pads - Another package to show up on my front porch was a pair of MrSpeaker ear pads for their upcoming electrostatic headphone. Dan said they sounded pretty good on the C Flow, so I measured them. Personally, I preferred the stock pads for a bit more presence.

Sony MDR-1000X - Lots of stuff going on here, so I measured this headphone: wired passive; wired ANC active, wireless ANC off, and wireless ANC on. A warm and pleasant sounding headphone in all but passive wired mode, but not quite good enough to knock the Bose QC35 off the Wall of Fame. Review here.

Sony MDR-CD3000
If anyone has a pair of Sony R10 they want to let me measure, I'd greatly appreciate it. Until then, the Sony MDR-CD3000 is likely the closest thing we'll get. As I recall, the CD3000 is a little brighter than the R10, but it's still a lovely vintage headphone. Again, big thanks to Yaluen for sending it in.

Bunch o' Stax - And yet again one more thanks to Yaluen for sending in his collection of Stax cans. He allowed us to add numerous Stax estats to the page including: 4070; Lambda Nova Signature; SR-1; SR-3; Alpha Pro Excellent; Alpha Pro Excellent with Yax 1 Pads; SR-Gamma Pro; SR-L300; SR-Lambda Signature; and SR-X/MK-3 Pro.

Still getting snow once or twice a week at night here in Montana. But the grass is peaking out...winter is over...ahhhhhhh.

TMoney's picture

It feels like its been a bit of a slow year so far at the high-end.

Any plans to review the Apple wireless EarPods, Tyll?

Maybe's picture

Go home Bose, -59dB broadband isolation on the ether Cs with the stat pad!

These isolation plots are always up for fun...

This specific CD3000 measures rather closely to the R10. indicates quite a bit more bass extension. Maybe a seal issue?
This pdf has measurements of the CD3000, R10, Qualia and some other nice heapdhones. Again, CD3000 is shown to have more bass.

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Holy cow, is this for real? 50+dB isolation in the sub 200Hz range??!? How is this possible when it was close to 0dB isolation in this range with the stock pads?

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There's no way e-stat pads isolate 15+db better than Etymotic ER4s...

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Im a diehard bose fanboy and even I admit this is insane holy crap

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Any chance of you measuring and reviewing the new ZMF dynamics soon? They seem to be the only major new release you're missing at the moment, Beyerdynamic excluded.

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These pads have really done the trick for me. I have them on ETHER Flow and now I finally have the expansive staging that I was missing. Also they are super comfy. I haven't taken them off to go back to the stock yet!

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Any chance you can measure an sennheiser hd599 soon? Sennheiser implies they are using a new driver over the hd598.

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re: R10 sound-alike, see if you can get a hold of a Final Audio Design Sonorous VIII or X. Hearing these at CanJam NYC reminded me of the R10's a lot. Curious how they measure objectively.

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Meze 99 Neo pdf file is wrong

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Wow great stuff! Would love to see measurements of a recent Elear...

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