An Introduction to Headphone DIY Resources - The Holy Grail of starting points. Specifically his articles for The New DIYer and The Cmoy Tutorial.

AMB Laboratories DIY Audio Site - The best source I know of for well-documented and fully supported projects as well as a huge list of resource links.

Pete Millett's DIY Audio Pages - An exceptional resource for both projects and publications. The projects run the gamut from cheap and easy to complex and expensive.

DIY Audio Forums - A forum focused on DIY audio projects of all types.

Digikey and Mouser - The two gigantic etailers for general electronic parts.

Parts Connexion - Great source for high-quality and esoteric audiophile parts.

Sonic Craft - Another great source for exotic parts and stuff.

Allied Electronics - Great source for tools and consumables.

Radio Shack - Surprisingly good in a pinch for tools and parts.

Markertek - A good source for wire/cable components.


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I got to know Nate through headfi, and he's guided me through more than one DIY major malfunction. And I have an amp built by him sitting proudly in my rack--it's awesome. As someone who really has never been technically or mechanically gifted, I was amazed by how much I enjoyed personal audio DIY. Making amps, cables, modding headphones, and some of it even working(!) has been rewarding beyond any reasonable expectation I could have had. Plus, the DIY community spirit of generosity and helping out is truly special. I encourage anyone curious about this stuff to make liberal use of the info Nate posted and the expertise available in the forums here and elsewhere.
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Thanks Dinny. I look forward to creating a series of articles here that are DIY focused. It's obviously a segment of the hobby that I feel very strongly about and one that I think there's a way for everyone to participate in.

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... that friggen Gilmore has me thinking about a Dynahi now.

Thanks so much for your piece, Nate. I look forward to anything you'd like to contribute.

I'm gonna do the Bottlehead Crack soon. Just waiting for the right moment when I'm sick of talking about headphones.