Jeremiah Cymerman Prepares a Place ... in Your Headphones.

Jeremiah Cymerman and Nate Wooley play together.
Photo Credit: Yuko Tonohira

Any headphone enthusiast will tell you one of the unque characteristics of cans is their ability to take you somewhere else. To secret you away to another place ... the place where your music is all around and you are subsumed in its spell.

Evidently, experimental musician Jeremiah Cymerman gets it, too.

In yesterday's "Village Voice Blogs," Christopher Weingarten writes an eloquent article on Jeremiah Cymerman's upcoming Tzadik (a lable founded by John Zorn for experimental musicians) release "Fire Sign." I'll let you click the article link for the full effect of the romping read, but I want to draw your attention to a Cymerman's comments on headphones and the track "Collapsed Eustachian":

    "Maybe it's because my background is in music engineering and production but I'll never understand how some musicians, particularly in the improv/experimental/jazz world, can be so casual about how their records sound. I think it comes down to the recordings being an expression of your ideas and I want that expression to be as articulate as possible. For this particular record I wanted the music to be ear candy as much as possible. I asked that you listen on headphones because there is a lot of information, almost all of which takes full advantage of the stereo field."

Interested? Here's a click to listen to "Collapsed Eustachian." Remember to use your headphones ... and close your eyes ... maybe even lay down in the dark.


Link to the upcoming album, "Fire Sign."

200 East 10th Street, pmb 126
New York, NY 10003, USA

LFF's picture

Definitely well recorded but the "music" isn't really my cup of tea. I wish more mainstream artists would record their stuff this well.

FrimanizzlE's picture

That aint music! Just well recorded random noises.

dalethorn's picture

Sounds like almost any street corner in New York.