Massdrop Nobel X Earphones

Dag nab it! I got so busy last week with the Focal Utopia measurements that I neglected to get the new Massdrop Noble X measured and listened to for a quick report before the drop. Sorry about that.

The Massdrop Noble X is a dandy dual balanced armature driver in-ear monitor. The $249 IEMs come with five different tips, a cleaning tool, and a small cylindrical plastic carry case. A Lightning cable is available separately for $40!

The sound is polite and mildly warm. Bass is modestly boosted and bleeds slightly into the mids. The the presence and low treble area from about 1kHz to 5kHz is a bit low in level giving these cans a laid back and somewhat distant sound. The treble regains sparkle from 5kHz to 12kHz, but drops off in the very top octave reducing the sense of air a bit. Overall, it's a pleasing, mildly warm IEM without any offensive treble issues...and a pretty darn good deal at $249.

My only caution would be for those with small ears or ear canals; the headphone snout and tips are a little on the large size for me. I've got rather small in diameter ear canals and one has a hard turn in it. I did have some troubles with all but the larger foam tip. Too bad, because evidently this earphone is somewhat sensitive to which tips are used. I suggest those interested in a deeper dive check out this Nobel X thread on

Less than 100 left, you can check out the Massdrop here!

Ed Note: My apologies to Noble for misspelling the company name. It's been corrected in the post, but I can't change the title unfortunately.


Click on graphs image to download .pdf for closer inspection.

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The impedance curve gives me the impression that the IEMs were designed to be used with a high output impedance source.

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My phone has ~3 ohm output impedance, and it's just fine. Frankly, all BA IEMs have funky impedance curves, with multidriver IEMs being the worst for that. Quite often, these multi-driver units end up in the single digit ohms for some frequency bands, so this is by no means a big deal. Check out the Shure SE846 to see what I'm talking about.

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Hiya Flatline, nice handle you have there. Yeah, they'll brighten up some with a high-Z amp. They talk about it in the SBAF thread I mention.
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That'd make the peak at 9khz piercing.

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Btw, it's Noble not Nobel - just saying

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In my old age looking back on my career at InnerFidelity, the spelling mistakes will be high on the list of regrets. I fixed it in the text but the headline can't be changed. Apologies to Noble.
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