MOG down!? :(

I was merrily listening to Silent Strike (merrily may be the wrong word to use with them) on MOG through my Squeeze Server, when all of a sudden the music stopped. I look at my iPad, which is running iPeng to control everything, and things just start disappearing. I push the MOG button and a cryptic message shows up to reconfigure MOG on After a bit of fumbling, 'cuz everything looked fine, I pointed my browser at mog ... and was greeted with a weird posts about their service interuption. And a new one every time I refreshed the screen.

Dontcha just love a company with a sense of humor?







I love you too, MOG!

I'll miss you while you're down.

Edit: And they're back up. Woot!

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New and improved still doesn't mean that I can sort my favorites in the MOG player, apparently.

Thankfully, they sort on a Squeezebox.

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When I first began reading this blog entry, I was irritated with you, because, "What is a MOG, anyway?" Then I googled it, joined MOG, and spent the next two hours playing music. Now, I am in your debt.

Deep Bow,

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You're welcome, mate. I luvs me some MOG.