New Wall of Fame Page for Bluetooth and Table-Top Speakers

In the midst of performing measurements for a headphone amp review last week, it appears I might have done something to let the smoke out of a few of its parts. Ugh.

So, while I await a returned product with properly smoke filled parts, I decided to finish up InnerFidelity's first pass of a Wall of Fame page for Bluetooth portable and table-top speakers. While I don't feel nearly as confident of accumulating the best-of-the-best array of speakers to test as I do of the headphone WoF pages, I'm convinced the selection has a broad enough range and competent quality to warrant its own Wall of Fame page.


InnerFidelity's Table-Top and Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wall of Fame page.

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You should check out the fuggoo portable speakers! They're actually really good for the price. I wouldn't suggest the fuggoo xl though. I feel like that doesn't sound as good as their little brother.

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After hearing my friend's Bose Soundlink Mini and becoming familiar with it I recommended it to a friend. She purchased the Mini II and also is impressed. She also uses it to enhance the sound of her small TV. Call quality seems good enough.

Also, I've heard the tool-box sized G-Project G-boom on a regular basis at work and come away impressed with its midrange.

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I recommend at least a listen in a retail store of the Bose Soundlink Mini (1 or 2). Both versions I believe sound the same. Version 2 has a few more features over the first edition. Both are under $200 too.

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Hi Tyll. I know you don't particularly like the Sennheiser HD598's, nor do I, but I think a review here is absolutely needed.

They are immensely popular (due to huge holidays discounts) and nowadays they are considered to be the entry level "hi-fi" headphone in Reddit and other communities. Thanks.

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I love my Bose Mini Soundlink. The newer version has a better battery, charges from a micro-USB and has speakerphone capabilities. It sounds way bigger than it's size.