Sennheiser's Urbanite Micro-Site

So, I'm finishing up my Sennheiser Urbanite review (it'll go up Monday) and low and behold they've opened up the Urbanite micro-site.

Oh! My! Goodness!

Genius or insanity, I can't really tell...I'm not the target audience.

Funny? Maybe. Weird? Definitely.

Click here if you dare.

Make sure to play the movie at the top of the page. Strangest headphone advert ever!

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The person at Sennheiser who paid money for this should be fired.

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...the person who came up with this idea should be fired?

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Only the guy at the Top can get away with a stunt like this ,
Sennheiser Stafers must be cringing with embarrassment ,
this will be the talk of the industry , it'll get pulled , into the shit-can and swept under the rug .

How much 30 year old Laphroaig needed to get poured for the sign-off on this bit of recklessness ?

I would require a Public Apology of the decision makers and their advisors , plus a change from the Ad Agency that produced it .

Tony in Michigan

ps , it's just too awful

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I LOLed a bit there. Also, I appreciate comfy cans such as the creamy B&W P5s. We'll see if the Urbanites can keep up...
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People will complain that it is stupid but it will be probably be a success.

Sennheiser communicates two points in this video which is designed to be memorable and viral. The Sennheiser Urbanite product exists and it is very comfy to wear.

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"I just flew in from Stuttgart and my arms are tired...". Sank you, I'll be here all za veek.

Weird, but we're talking about it aren't we? Won't you telling friends or sharing it? Maybe. A strange but effective bit of oddvertising.

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Can you Tyll comment quickly... are these any good? Will you be covering both On-ear as well as the Urbanite XL (over ear) in the upcoming review?

As far as the ad goes, I think people are stupid if they are like "these Ad Agency should be fired etc" when the whole point of the vid is to create a bunch of fuss around it. I say they have done a brilliant work. It's supposed to get the stereotypical 50+ year-old enjoying his HD800 almost fall off the chair, getting people accidentaly sprouting tea/coffee all over the monitor etc. It's meant to shock! :P And as such, it has succeeded. :)

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... I need EDIT button back....

It's probably that these headphones will be marketed towards the youth (which naming suggests these are marketed towards the urban citizen, the modern youth) for which a company like Sennheiser traditionally is very boring for with its sincere image and more aimed towards old geezers (in those people's minds).

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"Urban" is code for "gay" when you can't say "gay." Urban, gay males on average are very likely to love music and have disposable income for themselves and their friends. Sennheiser is targeting a segment. I've learned a thing or two from Mad Men, eh?

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Yeah like urban gay males would have anything on their head that will mess up their hair.
This seems to be aimed at older urban women. Most young people wouldn't catch the hidden references in this commercial.

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It's a memorable commercial ... not immature humor at all ... way better than most American sit-coms or late-night monologues.
It'll be scoffed by much of the pre-pubescent head-fi crowd.
IAC ... hope Senn can come up with something equally innovative for their Momentum IEM marketing campaign ;)

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Click >here< if you dare (v2.0)

... and Und ...

*>Lesson 1<.

*>Lesson 2<.

... and some randomness :)

*>Public places<.

*>What's it like<.

*>Darling lobes<.

*>Our song<.

Still, seems to be 18 ohms.

Let's wash this down with >Daft Punk stuff<.

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I think that's very cool from Sennheiser..Weird but cool. They dared to do something different. Also, the target audience are young people, so that should be a hit

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But they would be crossing the line if the urbanite guy started messing around in the ear canal.

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Sennheiser takes an artistic approach to marketing the urbanites. Ad is risky, yet funny and captivating. It is not german humor, but germanness as interpreted by US. eyes.

I really like the fact that the funny ad means to convey the qualities of the headphone: comfort and good sound.

This is a far better and more honest option than a mercenary celebrity endorsement.

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and the signal we are officially in a new dark age. It's a refreshing advert in that is is honest in its message: we've given up so why not have some fun.

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Tyll, is there any chance of you reviewing Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2?

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I dared. I clicked. I watched the ad. I still want Audeze for Christmas!

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Oh, dear.


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More cringeworthy than 5 minutes with Rupert Pupkin. (If ya hafta ask...)

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I loved it I did , I really did.
The music was great and the acting just a little cheesy. I gotta admit they used the wrong actor. If they had used an actor similar to the guy in the old spice commercials these would be getting lots of airplay. I can see where this was aimed at an urbanite crowd but they miscast the part. The guy is good and I do love his eagerness. Still he was more like the butler filling in for a massage therapist. Not refined enough for what they were trying to market. I'm going to watch that a few more times though. I loved it

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File35765 : "This seems to be aimed at older urban women"

...then why are the ears in the ad hairy ?

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Funnily enough if you change the language at the top window from US English into GB English, it displays a completely different video.

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solo2 or urbanite?

Why not both?