T.H.E. Show Newport 2014: New Features for the Sonic Studio Amarra 3.0 Release

Sonic Studio's Amarra 3.0 is about to be released. Most quickly touted new feature? DSD support of course—2.8 MHz two-channel .dsf and .dff formats. That's cool and all, and a good idea given the current DSD rage, but frankly I was far more interested to check out some of the other new features.

Sonic Studio's James Anderson reports that many Amarra users wanted the smooth sound of Amarra while listening to streaming services. From their press release:

Amarra sQ is a separate app that breaths life into any streamed content service. sQ integrates a mastering-level four-band EQ with linear phase filter technology and advanced dither that allows users to tailor the tonal output with an extremely intuitive user experience. Content from Spotify, YouTube, Beats Music, iTunes Radio, and video services such as Netflix and Hulu sound significantly better when used with Amarra sQ.

Another very cool feature is a series of parametric EQ presets for a variety of headphones. James and I chatted for a little while about my headphone measurements and how they might be used to create filters. No conclusions yet, but it sure is cool to start seeing headphone centric features appearing in products like Amarra.

The last feature that has my spidey-senses twittering is integrated room correction based on measured impulse response. Labled iRC(b) in the Amarra system and co-developed with Swedish company Dirac Research, this frequency and impulse timing analysis and correction capability is designed to eliminate low frequency problems in listening rooms. I'm all tingly because there's an off chance that this, or something quite like it, might be used for headphone correction if I use headphones as the room and my dummy head as the mic in the calibration stage.

Amarra 3.0 isn't up on the Sonic Studio web site quite yet, but you can read about it in their press release.

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Something decent to enhance the streaming music services...I will buy it...I supposed the basic license will include this feature? :)))

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Sounds like interesting software. I'll have to check it out. I've only been using BitPerfect with iTunes on my Macbook. Also recently came across this interesting article http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2014/06/05/apple-to-abandon-head.... Now that Apple has acquired Beats wonder what the implications would be if Apple decided to abandon the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack on future iDevices. Would my next pair of Audeze headphones have to come with two cables-one traditional and one with a lightning connector on the end? And if so how much more would that drive up the cost of the product? Now many of us use headphone amps so may not be as much of an issue for us head-fiers but still an interesting article.

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maybe add somewhere that it is for mac users, might not be obvious for everybody.
for the impulse response based correction, is it the same system as the convolver on viper4pc?
(I got some xss warning from your website and it makes everything verrrrry laggy)