T.H.E. Show Newport 2016: Mr. Speakers' New Electrostatic Headphone.

Gotta hand it to Dan: Here's a guy who, for the last 6-7 years has drug himself up by his bootstraps from a one-man garage operation into a no-shit, world-class headphone maker. His focus on developing a planar magnetic headphone is a lesson in persistance for us all. And it's paid off big time; I really like his Ether and Ether C headphones.

And then, just when he seems to have reached his stride with planar magnetics, he's now off on the hunt for a great electrostatic headphone offering. It makes my head hurt. Imagine just finishing a mountain climbing adventure just to turn around the next day and start out on another major journey.

The new electrostatic headphone from Mr. Speaker is expected to become available sometime this year. It will be voltage compatible with existing electrostatic headphones. Dan hopes to release the headphone with a new and more readily available connector type, but will offer an adaptor for use with existing amplifiers. Price is expected to be...um...affordable for a headphone of this type. Dan tends, in my opinion, to toe this line quite judiciously. Really looking forward to these later in the year.

Dan gives us a peak in the video.

Watch on YouTube here.